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On the 15th, Rob Likens, the wide receiver coach and co-offensive coordinator, was promoted to full-time offensive coordinator with the departure of Billy Napier for the Louisiana-Lafayette head coaching position. Edwards then plucked San Diego State defensive coordinator Danny Gonzales for the same spot on Arizona State’s staff on the 24th.

Together, you have a guy who hadn’t coached at the college level since the late 80s and who had been out of coaching entirely for the previous 10 years. A coordinator who struggled at Kansas, who got promoted because his higher-up took a better gig. u gas station near me A coordinator, who’d never been around a Power-Five program and ran an unconventional scheme.

“That’s who we are, we were going to build a football team and that was our mindset…I’m going to take talent over experience because I know that in a month, a talented guy, well now he has experience,” Edwards said. “He’s going to be a better player. So that’s what you have to do. You have to suffer through it all. (Freshman safety) Aashari (Crosswell is an example), after every game I would hug him and say ‘It’s all going to be OK. You’re going to be fine.’ And then at the end of the season, he ended up being a pretty good player…

“Some coaches fear that, I don’t. a gas station near me It’s good for football and for this foundation that we’re trying to build and I will do that every time. That’s what we’re trying to do, we’re trying to improve our football team every year by the players we bring in here and they’re going to have an opportunity and if they’re the best player, then they’re going to play.”

“But what he does is, he hires guys and then he backs off. He lets you sink or swim, and when you start to sink, he holds his hand out there for you and helps you up and tries to guide you along. He honestly cares about you and wants you to be better. It’s not just about the flatline results with him. He’s a true, genuine person that wants everybody around him to get better. gas and bloating pain I think that’s the number one thing that stands out most.”

“The star status of coach Edwards is unbelievable. You talk about people being famous and all that stuff, that’s a life I would never want to live. It’s unbelievable,” Gonzales said. “We go to the airport to go to these recruiting trips … When you go with coach Edwards, you better plan for an extra hour, because an hour of it is going to be shaking hands and taking pictures.

“When you get in the home (a recruits home), they connect with him. He’s direct. They know what we’re trying to build. And we’ve taken a different approach. We’re doing what we call caravan recruiting where we’re taking eight, nine coaches into a house, which can be a little bit intimidating. He makes it very comfortable because that could really backfire in a lot of situations, if you go in there with a very aggressive approach. You’re going to make people feel very uncomfortable. electricity and magnetism purcell Coach Edwards, it’s a very relaxed atmosphere.”

“I think the culture is starting to change, and it’s been set that it’s all about competition. The conversation I had with the players was really simple. I said, ‘Last year when I stood before you, I told you it was going to be competition every day.’ And some guys heard me but they weren’t listening. And then five freshmen ended up starting,” Edwards said. “They beat out some seniors. gas apple pay They beat out some sophomores, and they beat out some juniors, and I said ‘Look, the world I’ve lived in my whole life it’s about competition at every position and you have go out and compete.’

“Some guys really didn’t pay that much attention to it and they just said ‘It ain’t going to affect me because I’m this guy.’ But it affects everybody. We’ll have 22 new guys coming in here next year and I told the players that. ‘You know what, those guys are coming in to take your job. That’s how it works.’ With more competition we want to raise the expectations within the team. You have to compete every day. That’s how players get better and we get better as a team and then we’re better for it and players are better for it. I think they understand that is the culture now. It’s you have to do this and if you don’t, it’s OK. We’ll just get somebody to replace that player.”

“We’re getting phone calls from people, kids, that see the opportunities that are here, they see how well those guys are playing and that we’re not afraid to play those guys,” Gonzales said. “We’ve had a couple ex-teammates of guys call and say, ‘Hey, can you pass me on to the coaches.’ And these are some good players, who have been recruited by top-five programs in the country that are calling to see if we can make room for them. That’s a good problem.”