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Sometimes the conversations among the cigar smokers in the lounge leave a lot to be desired. Today, however, they did not discuss politics. Instead, home remodeling. gas news today Followed by colonoscopies. No, I do not know how the conversation segued into that! But no doubt there is a link, and they are of an age when all of them have experienced such a thing. Unlike childbirth, there are probably no home movies — though I would not be a bit surprised if videos get circulated among medical professionals with "would ya look at that" commentary appended — and I shan’t hunt around on youtube for any examples.

I was not part of this round table. I seldom discuss anything at all with those gentlemen, because I often cannot keep up with them, though I am quite familiar with steaks, corned beef on rye, beef Wellington, and Chicken Kiev. As well as the cigars that they smoke. Tom, who hails from some place in the MidWest, was also subdued; I doubt that certain medical matters are part of his small talk either.

McClelland’s Christmas Cheer is actually very nice — there are several tins of several vintages on top of the main bookshelf in my quarters, as well as a few behind me in the tall bins in the teevee room — but initially I demurred a bowl, because I am weaning myself off of that company’s products. Seeing as they no longer exist. McClelland closed it’s doors at the beginning of this year, and while I have enough to last me for nearly three and half more years if I smoked nothing but, I intend to live longer than that.

[Van Erkoms Jock’s Mixture: ribbon cut flue-cured leaf, allegedly spritzed with vanilla and caramel, which my nose did not pick up. e payment electricity bill mp Described as earthy, stinky, and pleasantly sweet. As well as profoundly enjoyable. If the reviews I have seen are correct, I may need to order a shipment of this, as like many other fine tobacco products it just isn’t available locally.]

As I mentioned, ten men at the meeting of the pipe club. electricity jewels But other pipe-smokers were also in — Wade, whose wife secretly bought him eight ounces of Stonehaven several months ago, plus Jacob and his confrère whose name escapes my memory — so I had the buffing wheel going for a bit, as pipe stems do oxidize over time. And I got to talk smack about my favourite enemy amongst the aromatics: Molto Dolce. Here, smell this. Good tobacco does NOT reek like a Turkish bagnio. 101 gas station Or feel sticky, like the Mummy in the Brendan Frazer movie, it’s still moist. This tin has been open for over two years, it should be bone dry. Nope. Propylene Glycol. p gaskell It will remain soggy forever. Ten thousand years from now the space aliens will find a stash, and say " we don’t know what this is, but it is incredibly nasty, and this species deserved to die".

Many of the people with whom I must associate are older men who smoke cigars in the back of the business. Which means that they are, largely, self-entitled successful conservatives displeased by everything in modern society except for the orange toupeed potato they voted for, and the fact that they can include pornographic images in their text messages. So for them there has been commendable progress in the last two decades, because computers!

Imagine a herd of lonely old relics staring at their screens, occasionally giggling moronically, while ashes from their stogies fall on their stained trousers and the flickering flames from the fireplace give an antique glow to their parchment-like skins. Dull eyes, bald heads, and wobbly quivering jowls. Here a paunch, there a paunch, everywhere a paunch.

Plans today: porkchops at the Regency, milk tea, briar pipes and aged Virginia tobacco, aimless wandering through alleyways, umbrella, smoking under the awnings of abandoned stores, people watching, rain, small snackipoos, a nap, the ‘Pipe for Watching Rats in Spofford Alley’, then whiskey with the bookseller at a place where many can’t sing but do.