Atlanta jewish film festival – the aha! connection electricity invented in homes


“We’re proud to bring audiences a lineup that will not only be exhilarating and entertaining but challenging and compelling,” says Kenny Blank, Executive Director of AJFF. “Our filmgoing experience is shaped by the social and political tides of our time, and certainly this year’s lineup includes films that will provoke audiences to think in new ways and see electricity orlando their world in a new light. From dramas that tug on the heartstrings, to comedies that lift our spirits, and documentaries that both inform and entertain, there is a rewarding and enriching movie experience awaiting audiences of all faiths and backgrounds.”

This year, moviegoers can expect to find a diversity of films representing a range of genres—drama, comedy, romance, horror bp gas prices, documentaries and biographies, and more—as well as a variety of topics, including life in Israel, anti-Semitism, the LGBTQ experience, the arts, journalism, social justice issues, among others. In line with AJFF’s mission to use the power of film to create community dialogue, screenings will transcend the traditional movie experience with select post-film QA conversations with filmmakers, actors, community leaders, academics and other experts such as: actor Nevo Kimchi from Shoelaces on Opening Night; director Lisa Dapolito of Love, Gilda; director electricity dance moms song Avi Nesher of The Other Story; author and filmmaker Amanda Sthers of Holy Lands; photographer and subject of the film Henri Dauman for Henri Dauman: Looking Up; actor Géza Röhrig and director Shawn Snyder for To Dust; Oscar-nominated actress Lena Olin of Enemies, A Love Story; and television host Steak Shapiro and filmmakers Eli Batalion and Jamie Elman for Chewdaism: A Taste of Jewish Montreal on Closing Night.

See the world on film this year with numerous international features. A Fortunate Man, a sweeping romance set in 19th gas 91 century Copenhagen, hails from Denmark; It Must Schwing!: The Blue Note Story, a toe-tapping story of two German-Jewish immigrants who created the most iconic jazz label in industry history, comes to us from Germany; and The Interpreter, a bittersweet road movie full of melancholic humor that transverses complex moral and historical territory f gas regulations ireland is from Slovakia.

There is nothing that can quite match cinema’s ability to transport you into the lives of others, fictional or not. Step into the shoes of Israel’s media-savvy Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in King Bibi: The Life and Performances of Benjamin Netanyahu or dive into the life of modern journalism’s founding father Joseph Pulitzer in Joseph Pulitzer: Voice of the People.

Many films this year electricity 1800s tackle issues of topical concern. Working Woman and The Tale embody the #MeToo movement with their portrayals of sexual harassment and abuse. The focus shifts to gender identity in Family in Transition, earning accolades for its account of an Israeli father who decides to become a woman. A captivating look at the growing underbelly of white nationalism, and the countervailing voices it inspired, can be seen in the exposé Alt-Right: Age of Rage.

For fans of short films, there are four shorts programs to enjoy throughout the 2019 festival. These la gas leak programs offer a different way to experience the artistry of storytelling and feature a variety of genres, styles, and subject matter. This year, audiences can look forward to the world premiere of Tuesdays are for Burekas and Vanity of Vanities and numerous other U.S. and regional premieres.

Crowd-pleasing cinema takes center stage with Holy Lands, a comedic gas arkansas family drama starring James Caan, and classic films like The Frisco Kid, an offbeat buddy adventure and Western comedy starring Gene Wilder and Harrison Ford. The festival ends with a hilarious journey following two best friends who have returned to their hometown to explore their heritage through food in Chewdaism: A Taste of Jewish Montreal.