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Atomic EnergyAtomic Energy provides a semi-balanced way of building higher tier nuclear related items such as Fusion Cells/Cores, Mini-nukes, and others. You can’t just build a Mini-nuke by taping a bunch of nuclear material to a frag grenade of course. Instead, you need special materials and a Nuclear Builder to make these items. All the machines in the mod can be found under Power > Atomic Energy.

• Introduction: [br][/br]Harnessing the power of the atom begins with harvesting fissile material to start nuclear reactions. Although this material was abundant in Pre-war America, it is difficult to come by in concentrated form nowadays. One option is to recover elements from Nuclear Material using a Nuclear Reprocessor. Only a fraction of the nuclear material is usable though, with each item composed of 30% Depleted Uranium, 20% Lead, 5% Plutonium, and 2% Low Enrichment Uranium. These products must accumulate before they are ejected by the machine, and the process is slow and resource intensive to get a substantial amount. The other option is to mine fresh Low Enrichment Uranium using a Uranium Miner. Pre-war deposits were already extensively exploited so only a few settlements actually can be mined. If you want spoilers to the locations, here is the list:

• Plutonium: [br][/br]Although a nuclear fuel, uranium cannot be used directly in the size of nuclear weapons Fallout has. Instead, it must be converted to Plutonium, which is more reactive, but does not naturally occur in any harvestable amount. It can however, be produced in a Nuclear Reactor. The reactor is composed of a Fission Reactor Base, which can store items to be transmuted, a Fission Reactor, which consumes fuel to produce Neutron Flux and Nuclear Material, and a Fission Generator to connect the reactor to a terminal and optionally produce power. The reactor must be operated through a connected terminal. The terminal is used to set the fuel type, fuel usage, Neutron Flux to power generation and transmutation, and turn the reactor on/off. Reactors operate on a 1 hour cycle, performing one operation per hour they are running. A reactor can use Low or High Enrichment Uranium or Plutonium in a chain reaction to generate Neutron Flux that can be directed to either generate power, or transmute elements. Reactors can running on Low Enrichment Uranium will produce plutonium as fuel is burned, but produce lower Neutron Flux per fuel. Alternatively fuel can be enriched in an Enrichment Chamber, and the Depleted Uranium can be irradiated in the Fission Reactor Base to produce plutonium using Neutron Flux. Once the Plutonium is produced, it then is combined with other components in the Nuclear Builder to create useful items.

• Fusion: [br][/br]Nuclear fusion requires different materials, mainly Deuterium, a form of hydrogen. Deuterium occurs rarely in nature in heavy water, and can be slowly extracted using a Heavy Water Centrifuge. Deuterium can be used directly in the Nuclear Builder for lower tier items such as Fusion Cells, but to make higher tier items such as Fusion Cores requires a new material, Tritium. To produce Tritium, Deuterium must be transmuted using a reactor the same as Plutonium. Once that is done, it can be used in the Nuclear Builder.

• Contamination: [br][/br]These nuclear materials are not entirely harmless, and every material with the exception of Depleted Uranium emit radiation to some extent. In addition, running Nuclear Reactors will produce radiation as part of their nuclear reactions. This radiation also has a tendency to stick around, so it is advisable to build any nuclear processing setups away from land you plan to use at some point.