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Thanksgiving is right around the corner and some of the students have already left to go home! It was on my heart to write a quiet time series for the week of Thanksgiving for anyone who would like to go through it. The theme of the series is ‘Attitude of Gratitude’. It is my hope that these quiet times can inspire our hearts to acknowledge what God has done in our lives! I hope you enjoy them!

God is big. Our human minds have only known limits. From the day that we came to be on this planet we have had limits. gas natural We could only eat so much, run so far, or have so much time. We have only gone so deep into the ocean or so far into space. Knowing only limits, it makes it difficult for our human minds to conceive a being that is outside all of these restrictions — a being who is all powerful, all knowing, all loving and outside the realm of space and time. God knew that us humans would have a difficult time understanding who he is. gas finder So, in his great love for us allowed his Spirit to dwell in us through his son, Jesus. His Spirit allows us to connect with him more deeply and intercedes between us and himself. This ability for us to deepen our relationship with the creator is a gift he has given us (vs. 17). Connecting with him allows us to see the hopes and the dreams he has for our lives.

Solitary confinement has been described as a prison within a prison. The prisoners spend 23 hours in a small cell with only 1 hour for exercise. They are not allowed human contact and even their meals are slid through a small door. Being alone and confined into a small space goes against human nature and can cause mental distress on the prisoner. As humans we need one another. We need each other for conversation, comfort and encouragement. Many times we can think that we can survive in spiritual solitary. Satan tricks us into thinking that we can be completely healthy spiritually without the influence of other godly people in our lives. wd gaster theme In the same way that solitary confinement causes distress, isolation from spiritual people can cause us to slip into a state of spiritual anxiety or lethargy. God however, knows that we need people in our lives to help us grow closer to him! Amen! All of us have people who have inspired us in our faith and people who we can turn to for spiritual encouragement and inspiration. Paul mentions the joy that he receives from his partnership with the church in Philippi.

Around Thanksgiving we are usually around a lot of friends and family that we don’t get to see all of the time. We are meeting new faces and reconnecting with old ones. These times can be more tense than usual as many families have unresolved conflict, past hurts or tensions that have not been dealt with all year. Maybe this year you aren’t going home and are navigating a holiday in a different place with different people. gas 2015 Whatever the case may be, we can hold to the hope that God gives us in heaven and rest in the faith and love that that brings. We have the opportunity to love new people or people we have known for a while in a new way.

Amazon is one of my favorite places to buy things online. You can literally find anything on Amazon from cat toothbrushes (nope, thats not a typo) to jewelry. They have it all. electricity invented what year Not only that but for many of the products there are reviews. Recently, I needed to buy a new pair of boots. They had plenty of options but I needed to make sure that what I was buying actually had the same quality and looked like what was advertised — this is where the reviews came in handy. The reviews showed what the product was like when the buyers received it. Similarly in our walks with God, the quality of our relationship can be seen through how our faith is actually lived out. Sometimes it can feel like its easier to put on a spiritual front rather than dig deep into our relationship with God and grow. However, when we take the challenge and address the things in our lives that are hindering our relationship God, we are built up. Just as this scripture says we grow in our connection with God’s power, connection with the Holy Sprit and we deepen our conviction. God has given us the ability to grow and change!

If you have ever lived near the coast or any body of water you might have realized that something special happens to large pools of water if it remains stagnant. By something special l I am referring to that fact that it begins to stink. Along the coast in southern California, when the tide goes out sometime pools of water form and don’t have any of the sea water reaching them. When this happens the water stands still. This allows bacteria to build up a release a gas the smells very similar to sulfur. Yummy. A similar phenomenon can happened when we are stagnant or stay in the same place spiritually. When we are not moving forward in our faith it can make it easier for sins like pride, bitterness and criticalness to creep in. static electricity in the body effects We are no longer looking for the ways that we can grow but are looking towards the faults of others. God wants us to continue to grow and be transformed (Romans 12:2)!