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the gas stoichiometry worksheet tennessee valley could start seeing road projects bankrolled by alabama’s new gas tax as soon as next year. that’s according to alabama speaker of the house … mac mccutcheon. thanks for watching at ten. i’m greg privett. the tax hike comes with a complicated formula. and … at least at first … counties with growing populations could miss out on some money. waay 31’s alex torres- perez explains how census data factors into the equation. greg- the extra money you’re going to pay at the gas pump is intended to improve roads across the state. but after taking a closer look at this bill … some folks complain counties like madison, which is rapidly growing, are being cheated of their cut. and people who live here say it’s just not right. bonen the way our roads are. we really need some help around here and if that’s what it takes i guess that’s what it takes. lin bonen sees the need for the gas tax hike. but he’s upset about something 76 gas credit card account login else. he’s found out his home … madison county … won’t get as much of the tax money at first. that’s because allocation of the gas tax is based on the 2010 population. it’s not right. they need to go by what we got now. we’re the second largest city in alabama now!so, who is getting our money? here’s a breakdown of how the state will distribute money from the gas tax. an estimated 67 percent of the money will go to the alabama department of transportation for the rebuild alabama fund. another estimated 8 percent will go to towns and cities. and 25 percent of the money will go to alabama’s 67 counties. half will be equallly split among all the counties. but it’s the other half that’s causing controversy. it’s based on the how each county’s population compares to alabama’s total population. here’s the problem. the gas tax bill requires numbers from the 2010 census instead of updated population estimates. that means counties that lost population during the last 8 years will be getting gasbuddy nj more money than they should. and growing counties will be getting less. take a look at the latest population estimates from the u.s. census. you can see a significant jump when comparing last year’s estimate with the census numbers from 2010. that’s an increase of over 100 thousand people … or an estimated 2.3% population increase in 8 years. for counties with population growth … like madison, the latest census numbers show an increase of almost 20 thousand people or 5 and a half percent! one local representative would like to see madison county o gosh corpus christi get a better deal. still, he points out the county’s position will improve after the first two years. that’s when census data updates and madison county’s cut will even out. but frustrated taxpayers like lin bonen say that’s not enough. 10 years ago we weren’t the second largest city in alabama. now we are! so therefore, we should be getting our fair share of it.that’s you’re saying that right now, not in 2 years? lin: not in 2 years, right now that’s right! in 2 years, we’ll be even bigger. reporting in hsv atp waay 31 news. speaker mccutcheon says the gas tax is based on census data because its more reliable than other sources. we have a new census coming up next year. so, relatively soon, the population basis will be the 2020 census. you’ll be hit with alabama’s gas tax hike at pumps beginning august 31st. the tax hike will add 6 cents for every gallon of fuel. in october of 2020, that tax will jump another 2 to 8 cents a gallon. then gas out game instructions in october of 2021 … the tax makes its way up to 10 cents. after october 2023, the tax could go up or down every 2 years based on the national average cost of highway construction. the tax rate cannot go up or down more than a penny a gallon each year. montgomery will start distributing money from the fuel tax by at least january of next year. that money will go to help relieve traffic congestion … improve infrastructure … and maintain existing roads. aldot will take a big chunk of the new gas tax money. but, towns, cities and counties will eventually benefit from a grant program. funding for the grants be at more than 200 million dollars when the electricity vs magnetism venn diagram new tax hits ten cents. local governments can use the money for any road work they decide. speaker mccutcheon told waay 31 more local control will speed up construction projects. right now aldot is developing the application process. they should be finished by september. local governments will have until november to apply for the grant. aldot will award the first round of grants