Auction of 2019 tai po lam tsuen fong ma po new year fair stalls gas vs electric stove top


• A binding contract is formed at the fall of the hammer between the Government and a successful bidder if his/her bid is valid. Immediately after bidding the stall, the successful bidder is required to register in person on the spot in his/her own name as a Licensee (body corporate or unincorporate will not be accepted) and to pay the bid price of the stall in cash or by cheque (post-dated cheque will not be accepted). gas and bloating If the successful bidder fails to pay the bid price immediately, he/she will have to forefeit his/her right to the stall and the stall will be put up for re-auction straight away. electricity 1800s This bidder will be liable for damages or losses suffered by the Government as a result of his/her failure to pay, which include but are not limited to, the shortfall between the original successful bid price and the new successful bid price.

• Notwithstanding any provisions in this Public Notice, the Government reserves the absolute right not to enter into a Licence Agreement with any successful bidder without cause. The Government will not be responsible for any claim, legal proceeding, liability, loss, damage or any cost or expense suffered or incurred by the successful bidder.

• During the auction, no one shall behave in such a manner to cause undue disturbance or disorder, or in any manner whatsoever interfere with the bids of other persons or cause other persons to surrender their bids for a certain stall. electricity transformer near house The person who commits such act will be removed and will not be allowed to enter the auction venue again until the conclusion of the auction. Anyone who uses abusive language to the officers on the spot, willfully obstructs or resists the officers concerned in the execution of their duties shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable to prosecution by the Department.

• Bidders must not collude with each other in the bidding or abstention from bidding for the stalls. e 87 gasoline In making a bid, the bidder represents, warrants and undertakes that he/she has not entered into any prior agreement, arrangement or understanding or otherwise engaged in any conduct which has likely or to have the effect of preventing or hindering competitive bidding. The auctioneer may evict from the auction venue bidders whom the auctioneer has reasonable grounds to suspect or believe are in breach of this condition (“Defaulting Bidders”) or refuse admission of any Defaulting Bidders to the auction venue or otherwise prohibit any Defaulting Bidders from participating in an auction. Each of the Defaulting Bidders must indemnify the Government and the auctioneer from and against all demands, claims, proceedings, liabilities, losses (including pecuniary and financial losses), damages, costs and expenses which the Government or the auctioneer may suffer arising out of or in relation to such breach.

Under the Control of Obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance, Cap. 390, obscene and indecent articles mean any material with violent, depraved and repulsive element. electricity voltage in china Successful bidders may submit to the Obscene Articles Tribunal (the “Tribunal”) articles concerned for classification purposes. For enquiries on the relevant procedures, fees and other details, successful bidders may consult the Tribunal at 2886 6807. gas hydrates energy For enquiries about the Ordinance, please consult the Office for Film, Newspaper and Article Administration [Email: or Tel: 2676 7676]. electricity outage compensation Activities at Fairs and Stipulations and Provisions for Use of Fair Stalls

• Tai Po Lam Tsuen Fong Ma Po New Year Fair is a traditional festive activity suitable for all ages of the public to participate. If the Department considers that any activity conducted by the Licensee to publicize, promote, display, show or sell any article in the venue is unlawful, immoral or incompatible with the object of the Lunar New Year Fair (i.e. joyful celebration of the Lunar New Year for all ages), the Department is entitled to direct the Licensee to stop conducting such activity and the Licensee must immediately comply with such direction.

• The Licensee (whether by himself or through his/her employees or agents) shall comply with all applicable legal requirements and shall not in any way act contrary to or inconsistent with any of the laws in force in Hong Kong (including the Basic Law) when carrying out the business. gas pump emoji The Licensee must also obtain all licences, permits and/or authorisation necessary for conducting the Business at the Event.

• The Licensee(whether by himself or through his/her employees or agents must not conduct any act (including chanting slogans, using language, displaying messages or signs through any medium (such as leaflets, banners, items of clothing, audio, visual or electronic devices), and holding gatherings or activities) in such a manner which, in the opinion of the Government disturb or affect public order or public safety at the Fair venue; cause or lead to a breach of the peace at or in the vicinity of the venue; obstruct the free or smooth movement of visitors, or cause any nuisance to other person; or behave otherwise than in an orderly and decent manner; and except as is necessary for conducting business in the licence area, not to bring any furniture, equipment (including loud hailers, amplifiers and other audio, visual or electronic devices), goods, chattels (including banner stands, ornaments and articles) into the Fair venue.

• Licensees must comply with all terms and conditions in the Licence Agreement (including the rules on the use of the Fair venue in the Second Schedule to the Licence Agreement), failing which the Government will be entitled to exercise its rights under the Licence Agreement, including the right to early terminate the agreement. The Licensee must immediately vacate the stall upon termination of the Licence Agreement.

• Bidders (especially those who intend to use cylinders containing helium gas at the stall) are advised that in accordance with Clause 32 of Second Schedule of the Licence Agreement, Licensee of non-designated stalls must not keep, store or use helium cylinder (regardless of the quantity of which is such that a licence is not required pursuant to Regulation 74 of the Dangerous Goods (General) Regulations, Cap. 295B) in the licence area. Whereas Licensees of the designated stalls may keep, store or use helium cylinder (the quantity of helium is such that a licence is not required pursuant to Regulation 74 of the Dangerous Goods (General) Regulation, which is one cylinder of helium in the licence area.

• A Licensee must deliver up vacant possession of the licence area in a clean and hygienic condition and remove any fixtures or fittings or removable objects (such as the stall structure and all paraphernalia, together with all refuse, debris and unsold commodities (whether damaged or otherwise)) from the licence area before 6:00 pm on 19 February 2019. The Government reserves the right to take over or dispose of without any compensation to any person any fixtures and fittings so installed or erected and any objects not collected or removed by the Licensee.

• Notwithstanding the provision of paragraph 22 above, the Licensee may of his/her own accord surrender to the Department any unsold flowers and plants left behind at the stall and at no charge to the Department, before 6:00 pm on 19 February 2019, on the clear understanding that the Department will have absolute discretion in deciding as to whether or not to accept any or all of such flowers and plants and the manner of disposal of those flowers and plants that are accepted by the Department.