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The USA, USSR, France and the British Empire condemn the Japanese attack. After consulting with these countries the USA and most of these countries place a total trade embargo on Japan. The Swiss banks have found away around the Anti-Australian migration laws. With war in asia and looming in Europe Australia orders more military including the Fokker B-1 Bomber.

The static electricity zapper governments of the belligerent countries court Australia trying to draw it into their spheres of influence. Although not successful these countries continue to maintain excellent relations and have ordered their forces not to engage any Australian vessels and thus endanger a valuable source of resources. The Australian Population has reached 19 million caused mostly by people fleeing war.

Australia with the blessing to the Dutch government takes control of the Dutch East Indies. Australia will administer these Dutch possessions until their status can electricity diagram flow be determined after the European war. Only the Americans and Germans object to Australia’s actions with the Germans acknowledging the later determination of these territories status is not unreasonable.

For Great Britain and Germany 1941 is a year of change. Germany acting through the Spanish offers Great Britain peace. Churchill vowels never to accept peace with Germany electricity office near me as long as they hold a single inch of occupied territory. Churchill loses a vote of no confidence and resigned as Prime Minister. His replacement is Anthony Eden who then on the advice of the war cabinet accepted the German peace plan.

Australian’s incorporation of the various islands into the Commonwealth is progressing well with one noticeable exception. The inhabitants of Bougainville and their relatives on the Solomon Islands have been agitating to be reunited. Australian Atomic Research division under the directorship of Mark Oliphant has developed the world’s first experimental atomic power plant.

1946: Germany’s attack on the USSR is a raging success. Such is the demand for the jet engines that Australia has licensed the rights to build these engines for both internal and export markets. The Soviets in a last ditch effort manage to break out of the Japanese encirclement and rush westwards to try electricity quiz ks2 and stop the Germans. America seeing the potential dismemberment of the Soviet Union commences the sale of large quantities of military equipment in the hope of slowing the German and Japanese advances.

1962: The cabinate of the Australian Republic is meeting to plan for Australia’s future. The PM Keith Robins in his forth term stands to address his collegues. My friends now that we have a majority in both houses of parliament I believe it is time to implement wide ranging changes. The first if which will be fixed terms of office. We will introduce a new bill to fix the term of of the hose of representatives to five years and ten years for the senate. We will retain the same pattern of only having half the senate face reelection every five years. I believe this will electricity and circuits physics give the republic a stability that it has missed in the past by previous governments calling early elections to get a new term before unpleasant news was released.

Over the last few years the ministries of trade and industry, energy, agriculture k gas constant and human resources have worked togeather to create a master plan for Australia’s future. This plan is a long term one designed to propel Australia ahead of our compeditors and to the fore front as one of the leading world powers both militarily and economically.

The first segment is industrial automation and improvement will result inventually in the loss of jobs in the unskilled blue collar secter. To prevent wide scale unnemployment all unskilled unemployed workers will be employed by the inland renewal program. We will also quadrouple the amount of places in the science and technology sections emitra electricity bill payment of our tertiary education system.

The second segment is a massive inland renewal program. As we know Australia has vast streaches of aria and semiarid land that is for most parts unused. Added to this proplem is the salinity problem caused by the soldier resettlement program after WW1 that gave allotments of land to these soldiers. We all know what happened, the land was cleared of trees and as the trees were removed salt started coming to the surface and made much of the cleared land unusable. We now have a greater understanding of our enviroment and I believe we can reclaim this land and well as making use of the arid and semiarid lands by redirecting our locate a gas station near me treated sewage and our used water. These wastes are mostly sent to sea at present yet instead of being a waste product why don’t we use them as an asset instead and trans fer this vast amount of water and waste to the arid regions. Once water is there we can replant hardy Australian natives such as salt bush, tea tree and the more hardy eucalypts and reclaim this land from the salt and put it to more productive use.

These segments are long term plans that have the potential to free Australia from its dependance on fossil fuels, make Australia the leader in cutting edge technology and to increase the usefullness of much of the Australian land mass. They will not be cheap and most will not succeed. But electricity pictures information even if only a few of the projects bear fruit the benefits for Australia will be greater than ant expense incured.

Sergeant Michael Cassimaty and his squad of grave registration experts are bagging and taging the jigsaw puzzle that the remains of the aussie peace keepers have become. As he stands there supervising his men gaston yla agrupacion santa fe, Michael scratches at a red mark on his arms and swears to himself that he’ll never intervene in a despute between a whore and her pimp again. He wonders how he’ll explain this to the medics, it’s one thing to pick up something off a whore while your being entertained, it’s another thing entirely when you were breaking up a fight as he stand their glumly he things he’ll be the laughing stock of the brigade.

As the Un peace keeper spread out across Korea, Major Robert Hawk comes across a groupof nearly a hundred occidentials near the Korean border. After asking some questions he suddenly realises that these people are the reminants of the Russsian Nuclear research centre and have gas after eating bread been moving away from the Germans and the Chinese in the hope of contacting UN representivies to claim refugee status. Major Hawk then decides not to inform his UN commanders. Instead he advises his own commanderds and within two days the Russians are on their way to Australian and a secured research facility of the Australian Atomic Research division.

Brazil having speant a considerable amount of money on their military are looking for ways to recoup the expenses. Not wanting to antagonise Argentina and not quite believing that they have destroyed all their stocks of chemical weapons ideal gas kinetic energy Brazil starts looking at Venezuela and Colombia with the view of capturing their valuable oil deposits as a way of retriving their declining economy.

Seeing that Great Britain are over extended Spains starts making plans for the retrieval of Gibraltar. At the same time the Irish Republicdoes the same to retrieve Northern Ireland. Neither side knows what the other plans nor have they any intention of making any sort of formal contact. After all these are only plans, they only become wars when 76 gas station credit card login the military starts their campaigns.

Ultranationalists in Java and Sumatra start a series of violent protests agains being part of the Australian republic. These radicals, secretly fund by India, will cause trould in the western stats of Australian for years to come. Their pleas to the general public will mostly fall on deaf ears as the vast majority of the populations on these islands are more than happy with being citizens of a stable, wealthy, secular state where everyboy is free to pursue their dreams.

Amalgamated Wireless Australasia (AWA) has been busy the last few years. In conjunction with the CSIRO the local IBM subsiduary AMA are starting to develop the world’s first desk top computer, This will be a long and drawn out process of trial and error as it continues to introduce h gas l gas developing technology. IBM is not very enthusiastic about the practicality of these computers but are willing to license the technology to AWA electricity in costa rica current.

Towards the end of the year the ARN launches its first super-carrier. This nuclear powered aircraft carrier has been developed in conjunction will all Australia’s trading partners to make sure that every facit of it’s construction was at the cutting edge of technology. After seeing the launch of the ARN Australia and seeing it in action during wargames against the American fleet, the US, Great Britain, Germany India and China all start planning to make ships of equal or better capabilities.