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My friend and I book ourselves to a truly magical week at Asgard tour with Dan and all the staff of Aurora Service Tours! During our original flight from Helsinki, we were issued with Standby tickets and ultimately were bumped out of our original flight. Adding more problem, we were issued with replacement flight gas density at 7 hours later and we were panicking as our itinerary pickup was only once a day. Jennifer emailed/called Piritta who offered us alternatively pickup route by doing relay style. We were picked up by Matt from Valhalla tour at the airport who allowed us to go some shopping before changing to Andrew from Midgard tour and finally Tony pick us to our cottage. During the trip up, the sky were filled with Northern Lights and everyone offered us rabbit hopping experience out of the mini buses at -30C experience to view the Northern Lights. Tony even showed us how to light up the fireplace in the cold winter when we reached our cottage. =) We didn’t opt for any day activities but spent the entire week lazing at the cottage, making snow angels, snowmen, burning fire at the fireplace, cooking meals and relaxing. Our cottage was clean, well maintained and cosy electricity 4th grade powerpoint with a very nice fireplace that warmed the log cabin nicely. It was equipped with snowsuits and snowboots which we can use for free especially for cold harsh winter. During the night, Dan picked up us along with another 12 members of our week tour starting from 7.30pm on most nights. We started early on Wednesday at 6.45pm as there is Aurora alert that was sent to our device in the cottage. He will drove in the dark towards ideal Northern light spots while communicating with m power electricity the rest of the guides along the way. Although we had a very cold night chasing on Tuesday and parked ourselves in a hut. Dan lighted up a fireplace and ensured that we are in the hut warming up with fire, food and soup while he is observing the sky outside alone. After a long 2 hours wait, we saw the subtle Northern lights appearing across the sky and it was truly amazing. Tuesday was like a sneak preview as we saw even more Northern Lights on Wednesday and Thursday with electricity outage sacramento great viewing spots that Dan drove us to!!! On Wednesday, it felt like we were treated to a magical night where the whole sky is filled up with lights all over our heads. The faster way would be lying down and view the sky. After we reached our cottage, we received another message at 12.30am that there are another session of Northern lights, we rushed out to see Northern Lights right gas x side effects above our cottage! On Thursday, we drove up to Inari to meet up with Andrew’s group as our area is facing bad weather. Together with Midgard tours, we drove to a deserted campsite area and was treated with another round of Northern Lights treat! As we are far way from our cottage, we had to leave the site earlier than Midgard tour. Dan told us that there was a regulation that required guide to have minimum 9 hours sleep which he keep to. Tony pick us up around 12.20am along the road and arrived safety at our cottages. All these were part of the safety regulations and I like it 🙂 On Friday, Dan picked us up on time from our cottage and drove 1.5hours back to Ivalo hotel as we are on later flight. Dan also gave us a thumb drive grade 6 electricity experiments which included the photos that were shot during the week. This is truly precious as my camera is a hybrid with good camera but the specs wasn’t good enough to capture any shots of the Northern Light nights. It was a truly amazing and magical week of experience that money can’t buy as our group had full week of Northern Lights along with the warm services electricity review worksheet answers. I won’t hesitate to come back to Aurora Service Tours once I saved up again!!!!!

We booked this trip a year in advance because they sell out so quickly. It was worth every moment of waiting. We went to Asgard which is the northern most location hoping it would increase our odds. We were very fortunate to see the lights 3 of the 4 nights. One night it was just too cloudy which can happen, there is no guarantee, so seeing the lights outside our cabin the first night took the pressure off the rest of the gsa 2016 week. The cotta was nice to keep warm, because it is cold cold cold. We invested in good parkas, heated gloves, quality long undies, thick wool socks with liners, and boots rated to negative 40 C/F along with snow pants and were still chilly! Granted, we are from TX. The biggest complaint from all was about cold toes, so my advise would be make sure you have quality boots, maybe even room for little heaters like those you crack to activate. I used the crumpled newspaper trick in the toes that really worked. Other things to know, if you need a washer/dryer, let them know in advance, there are only 2 of the 12 cabins with that, and bring some detergent (it is expensive to buy there). Our cabin (#4) was well equipped with salt, spices, soy, coffee filters, etc. and every desirable kitchen utinsel from peelers to cheese slicers and pasta scoops. Think about your grocery list in advance to save time. It is hard to think on the fly after lots of travel what you want/need for breakfast/lunch/dinner all week. They have everything at the shell gas credit card 5 store. Consider trying reindeer sausage and pickled herring. Because the lights were strong on Tuesday, we stayed put and didn’t need to drive anywhere. There was a solar storm, it was amazing. We did the king crab fishing which you MUST do if they offer. Don’t worry about getting sea sick, the fjord is smooth as glass, just bundle up. You will never get that much fresh HUGE crab legs every in your life. We also did the hike up the hill which was definitely was a work out but the views were awesome. Never had my hair gas variables pogil extension questions freeze before! And we did the husky tour, but the lake wasn’t frozen solid, so they did t gasthuys not run which was a bit disappointing. Still they were great and swapped it out for a different excursion. I can’t say enough good things about Dan, our guide, who was friendly, helpful, and very accommodating (and a very good driver). They have WiFi even on the bus so it is fun to stay in touch and post photos. If you plan to take pictures of the lights, you will need a tripod and good camera with a remote. Do your reading in advance about settings. Otherwise, Dan took pictures and gave them to each of us which was great. You won’t be able to capture on your phone. I got a bit of video on the super strong night, though it was grainy, you got the motion of the lights which is mesmerizing. The sauna in the cabin was a must. Program it to be ready after your night of viewing so you’ll be relaxed and toasty warm before bed. We saw lights mostly between 10pm gasbuddy and 2am, so it can be a late night if the lights cooperate. Also, the amount of daylight is little. In November, sunset was 2:19, 4 hours of daylight, so that is interesting. Bottom line to this long review, if you have always wanted to see the northern lights, take a chance and go. There is no guarantee, but going with Aurora greatly increases your chances vs. staying in a single spot in an igloo in Finland or Iceland where you will only see them if they are c gastritis over your head. And you definitely want the number of nights to increase your odds. Some even book for 2 weeks which makes sense if that is your goal and you have the time. Half the effort is getting there. You won’t regret it.

We found this tour while researching on Aurora, and we’re glad we did! We were lucky to book the last 2 available slots for the season. Though we were initially skeptical about the Valhalla site, being the newest and the southern most of the 4 sites, our fears were unfounded. The cottages are well equipped, clean and warm, and had everything we need for a comfortable stay. Matty, our guide, is simply awesome! Even though it is his first season, and 7th week on the job, he did a fabulous job taking us on a very rewarding chase. He is knowledgeable, communicative, patient and accommodating. He even took great photographs of the Aurora and put them on USB for astrid y gaston lima menu prices all the guests. We were extremely fortunate with the Aurora. On the night of arrival, we were rewarded with clear skies and Aurora over the Inari lake just outside our cottages. The heavy snow on the 2nd night meant 2 hours of driving each way in vain. The 3rd and 4th night however had what they term a G1 storm which gave a spellbinding display of lights in green and purple! It was a sight to behold, and an experience of a lifetime! We were told by Matty that we were extremely fortunate to witness this 2 nights in a roll. For 1 unit electricity price india anyone looking to chase Aurora, I highly recommend Aurora Service Tours. I dare say that they are the most professional and serious Aurora chasers you can find. Thumbs up and big thanks to Matty and Piritta for the wonderful experience!