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The Australian Marine Complex (AMC) is at Cockburn Sound, south of Perth. It is situated next to a ‘massive technology park’, including an industrial estate, where companies can position themselves next to the AMC. The complex is divided into four specialist precincts and takes advantage of the advances in technology and the benefits that derive from catering for diversification in products and markets. mp electricity bill payment paschim kshetra It recognises the cost savings to be gained from integrating Australia’s naval shipbuilding and ship repair capacity into a broader marine complex that also provides for the needs of the oil and gas sector.

According to the Hon. Mr Francis Logan, Minister for Science and Innovation in the Western Australia government, this heavy engineering/marine industry cluster is ‘unique in Australia as a matrix for a sustainable naval shipbuilding capability’. The AMC is not intended for shipbuilding alone but is a facility that can provide for the needs of a wide range of companies and industries.

The Western Australian government has demonstrated its preparedness to invest in important infrastructure to support industry including naval shipbuilding. The Western Australian government and the Commonwealth government initially invested a total of $180 million ($100 million from the State government and $80 million from the Commonwealth) in the Australian Marine Complex Common User Facility (CUF). This initial investment, which was completed in mid-2003, is owned by the State government and operated by AMC Management (WA) Pty Ltd. Common User Facility (CUF)

It is leased out by the government on the basis of whoever wishes to use it. electricity deregulation wikipedia Parties using the facility provide their own management and workforce and accept normal project accountabilities. They use only the facilities as and when their projects so require: for example, a company may require the use of the mobile assembly hall and a project office for some months and then use the load out wharf for two weeks. electricity and magnetism physics definition The CUF only charges the company for its use of those specific facilities for that particular period. This arrangement greatly reduces set up costs for the project and overheads for the company, thereby enhancing their ability to win such contracts. The Hon. power outage houston reliant Mr Francis Logan also referred to the incentive that this large modern facility offers to Australian industry:

Not one of those companies could afford that type of facility themselves and they would not want to hold onto it because of the ongoing costs of running those types of facilities. But they can get access to it at any point in time, and that is the paradigm shift—and it is in keeping with the way in which the rest of the corporate world is going.

In December 2003, ASC was awarded the $3.5 billion 25 year contract for the repair and maintenance of the Collins class submarines. The Federal government and State government, in conjunction with the West Australian marine industry have established the home port of the submarines in Western Australia. Other developments have encouraged further investment. These include Tenix Western Australia securing a $60 million contract to convert the Korean oil tanker Delos as a replacement for HMAS Westralia and the ANZAC Alliance needing berthing in order to undertake ship upgrades worth $500 million.

According to the Western Australian Chamber of Commerce, the upgrade means that the CUF: " could have five ships tied up at dock at the same time and they could have two platforms being built, two amphibious ships and a submarine being refitted—and this is just in the common-use facility. At the same time, you have not even called on Austal’s or Tenix’s premises. This is a very significant development that has occurred down there and you could have a lot of work in there. electricity kwh cost At the moment, there is a little bit of work in there compared to how much work you could put in there."

The Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union (Western Australia Branch) singled out this massive and expanding manufacturing precinct at Henderson to demonstrate the extent of government commitment to developing infrastructure and the benefits flowing from it: "The AMC accounts for approximately 55% of national shipbuilding production, and has produced vessels in excess of $2 billion dollars in the last decade. 25% of the world’s demand for high-speed ferries is met by businesses at the AMC. The AMC is an internationally competitive manufacturing precinct with a proven record of large-project shipbuilding."

To April 2006, the CUF had achieved a million man-hours and $100 million worth of work. The Western Australian government believes that the success of the CUF to date demonstrates its existing capability to undertake naval maintenance work and establishes its claim for consideration for future naval shipbuilding. Unlike other Australian locations, the AMC would not need significant additional infrastructure to cope with a major RAN shipbuilding contract. Such a project would, for the most part, merely require an expansion of current capacity rather than the construction of new facilities.

Even so, the Government of Western Australia is considering further developments, over and above the current commitment.38 It has stated that it would invest further should the site be included in the construction of the LHDs. gas what i smoke According to the Hon. Mr Francis Logan, his government is ‘prepared to build the second half of the floating dock should the AMC be selected as the site for integration and consolidation of the amphibious support ships’.

Although naval shipbuilding is a highly specialised industry there are strong parallels with the infrastructure needs of the oil and gas sector and more generally the resources sector. The developments taking place in Western Australia demonstrate the growing synergy in technologies that is occurring and allowing other industries to use the same facilities. The Western Australia Chamber of Commerce and Industry observed that the risk profile for an oil and gas platform or an LPG plant is similar to the defence industry which encourages the technologies used in these sectors to merge. It saw a unique opportunity for both industries to take advantage of the growing complementarity between the two sectors.