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The Rolls Royce Community is fantastic. tropico 5 power plant The comments from Vladimir are heart warming and confirm the feelings of my son and myself after meeting a member of the Rolls Royce Car Club at the All British Day. After being a member of many classic car clubs and attending many events the only real friendliness came from the Rolls Royce fraternity. That’s why even if these cars which I’ve always admired will stretch the budget are the car for me because I’ll finally have a real classic with a real feeling I belong to a community.

Alan, I have both ! and reliability wise there is not much difference in my experience. The fuel injected SZ series cars are more economical on fuel than the carburettor cars. My Shadow1 which I have owned for 20 years, averages about 14mpg (UK), whereas the injected Bentley8 will do 20MPG+. The Shadow feels older to drive, and the handling characteristics are different but they are both great cars.

I have yet to see any example of a RR that has what would be considered "high mileage" on any other car of the same age. Many of them have total mileage that indicates that they were, for all practical intents and purposes, what I call "rolling sculpture," never really used at all, just moved out of the garage for show occasionally. These cars tend to be cosmetically spectacular and mechanical basket cases.

With regard to service history I’m a bit of a contrarian. While it’s nice to have, anything that predates about the last 5 years is not indicative of much at all. youtube gas pedal I have a car, LRK37110, that was religiously maintained at a RR dealer by her first owner but that went into a garage and sat for about 5 years after he became ill. By the time I got her that "sitting for 5 years" had taken its toll, and I’m still working, in fits and starts, to try to get her completely roadworthy again. electricity diagram flow It’s recent service history and history of actual driving use that count.

Harking back to your question about "reliability" a.k.a. dependability, I find that a curious question as it depends on your definition which is relative to your expectations. In most cases I suspect that the questioner is thinking in terms of, for instance, a Toyota where you can basically go for 75,000 miles and probably never open the hood. All Rolls-Royce were originally from the factory "rich men’s toys" costing the modern equivalent of $300-$400,000. Cost of fuel or ease of maintenance (ergo cost of maintenance) was not even a consideration and if an issue, the buyer could not afford the car anyway. Value and original cost has no bearing on long term reliability. While RR make a very attractive automobile (you will get daily compliments)unless you are a experienced and committed DIY mechanic and prepared to be occasionally (often?) shocked by parts prices even a pretty Shadow/Spirit has been referenced by another author as similar to dating an attractive model type lady who turns out to be a high maintenance crack addict.

Alan, I drive my 93 Turbo R at least 2-3 times a week. To work and play. la gas prices 2016 Maintenance has been minimal. LOF (lube, oil, filters) I do myself. I did have the fuel pump fail at 91,500 miles, last spring. Cost me a tow and $300. for replacement pump and lines. electricity and magnetism review The brakes were done this summer for $2k including lines and pad kit and rotors. I don’t think that’s too bad. Any work I have done is at a specialist that knows these cars. Try this. Go to your favorite auto parts store and ask for a headlamp for a (year and model) RR or B. They won’t have a listing for one. 100 gas vs 10 ethanol Even though they use a standard sealed beam headlamp ( here in the USA) the parts stores have no clue. So while some parts are available off the shelf, belonging to this forum can tell you what you need. That’s why you really need someone to look the car over. gas city indiana newspaper Someone that knows these cars. Don’t be discouraged. Owning a RR/B is a true joy. I’m on my second, so far…

I definitely do not expect modern car like reliability but I had a 1984 Jaguar Sovereign and it was not exactly reliable. It always needed something, master brake cylinder, universal joints, interior light switch on door which was draining the battery because it was conducting to car body, starter motor, hand brake ratchet assembly, cool bottle, etc…..

I will just offer that SRH33576 was (and is) far from a "superior example of the marque." I have driven her from Virginia to Utah and back and she could be relied upon to start and move until I had a distributor failure. After that was fixed, she could have her battery hooked up, the key turned, and she’d fire right up (at least if I waited until I heard the SU fuel pump stop ticking, indicating the carb float bowls had been filled).