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30-day money back guarantee is available for qualifying products/items not opened and returned in their original package/box/container/bag. Buyer may be responsible for paying return shipping costs and an up to 20% restocking fee associated with original purchase (only on returned items deemed buyer’s remorse). Returns on any special ordered items, aerosol cans/paints or electrical parts are non-returnable. If you are looking to return an item, please go to my eBay / purchase history, request a return.

If a product arrives broken, damaged or is not the correct product as indicated on the box / order, product can be returned within 30 days for a full refund. Return shipping is paid by Shop Eddies. No restocking fees are deducted. You are required to attach photo(s) when requesting/ filing a damaged return request. (Required by the manufacturer and returns warehouse).

An email will be automatically generated to the email address used within the marketplaces email system at the time of purchase that indicates your return confirmation and any RMA/RGA/MRA (Merchandise Return Authorization) numbers, or shipping labels that you may require in order for the return to be accepted from the return warehouse and manufacturer.

Returns are processed as soon as possible. However, it can take up to 4 business days for the return to be accepted. Once accepted and buyer enters in the return tracking number – refunds are issued as soon as return warehouse receives item / inspects item and provides approval to Shop Eddies’ Home Office to initiate refund.

Please note: Shop Eddies is not responsible for any assembling of products gone wrong, deemed as not correct part / product for vehicle, for any damaged incurred from using any of the products purchased. The manufacturer provides all product data and photos; therefore, Shop Eddies makes no guarantee of accuracy during the parts look-up process. The responsibility of the user /installer is to verify the fit of all parts prior to installation. We advise you to check with a licensed mechanic or speak to the manufacturer direct before using any part(s) purchased. We do not assume any risk associated with your purchase.

It is important to note that all authorized returns must be in their ORIGINAL CONDITION, this includes all components. They cannot be damaged due to incorrect installation, being disassembled or due to product being mounted. Any items returned that are missing components will not be refunded. Shop Eddies is not held responsible for situations that may occur from trying to install and assemble products. These scenarios are not deemed as damaged goods.

A. Photos are meant for illustration purposes only. In about 5% of cases, item(s) might be different in color or shape for the different models or be shown as a full unit to show various parts / accessories together. Please always read the full description / item specifics or email us direct if further clarification is required or fitment information is needed. Or check direct with the manufacture of the item for any clarity you may need before making your purchase. Items should be purchased based on part number needed, not solely based on image / photo.