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All companies that 350 PPM champions are designed to profit extensively from the implementation of The Paris Agreement. The Paris Agreement is expected to increase environmental investment by circa 1 trillion USD per year above the existing base case each year on average between 2016 and 2050. (Source: International Energy Agency: )

We select companies, market them, advise them, work with them, promote them to our network of high net worth, venture capital / private equity investors as well as industry investors and counter-parties that may wish to partner with them on certain ventures. gasset y ortega biografia In due course, we will introduce them to appropriate NOMADs to assist them to list their businesses on an appropriate exchange.

If they do well after the “incubation” stage of financing we provide, we will beckon them back for a further round of financing; our “expansion” stage. Doing well means achieving the milestones we have agreed with the companies or other suitable positive developments within their businesses, accessing the tax reliefs (if applicable) they claimed to be due, and increases in their share price commensurate with their increasingly positive prospects.

If not, they are on their own: either they fight or die. But if they do fight and progress, they come out stronger having cut the fat from their organisation and due to their concentration on earning money as opposed to raising it. Of course, every early stage company needs additional capital to expand in the competitive marketplace but being constantly reliant on raising outside funding is negative and utilises resources that could be used to gain revenue and in due course profits.

Our current team of Investor Relations Consultants; Chris, Paul and Lexi, is exceptional: pragmatic, intelligent, hardworking, with complete belief in the investment theme that we are following, a keenness to acquire shares themselves in our corporate clients, a focus that is at least 70% “Jam” tomorrow and following our principles of putting our investors first, the company (350 PPM) second and placing themselves in third position.

(just by the by: Black Edge of which “Billions” with Damien Lewis is based on, is also excellent – effectively the story of how cheating became legal and “A Colossal Failure of Common Sense: The Incredible Story of the Collapse of Lehman Brothers” is mind-blowing – effectively the story of how employees (bankers and mortgage salespeople alike) rip apart economies and businesses for personal, short term gain). My personal favourite is The Greatest Trade Ever, John Paulsen’s story of swimming against the housing market from 2001, and making $20B in 2010 and 2011.

Very simply, due to intermittency issues with renewables, grids cannot generally push past 15% Renewables / Fossil Fuels without substantial and expensive emergency and fast response electricity generation – typically gas turbines at very high prices per MWh. The global targets under The Paris Agreement require 85% energy generation from renewables by 2050.

Storelectric’ s solution is to compress air in sealed underground chambers during a compression cycle when electricity prices are cheap or negative (when its windy for instance) and to run the decompression cycle (letting air, compressed to up to ~70 bar out through a turbine, which turns a generator thus generating electricity) when prices are high. FYI: UK 1-hour-ahead electricity prices recorded minimums of -£27 GBP per MWh and maximums of over £1,000 per MWh in the UK in 2017.

Accordingly, we are now raising for Storelectric’ s planned Crowdfunding raise. It is the success of this pre-crowdfunding raise that PPM is involved in, that will act as a catalyst for the crowdfunding raise – as a rule of thumb, if this is structured correctly, which we believe it is, every £10k PPM and its counter-parties raise will be matched with a further 10 to 30K on the electronic platform.

Obviously, we are going to keep hold of the $70,000, (although we might convert this into shares in the project company for him due to his unfortunate circumstance) but in the interim, we have launched an Auction to find an equity investor for all the sites (yet only approaching well capitalised entities with existing operations within the Solar industry on this occasion).

With the improvements we have made through restructuring the business since last year and the new business model we have implemented, which will add additional scale and subject to us being able to source sufficient investment opportunities within our sector this year, we are hopeful that we can increase our turnover 300% in the year November 2018 through to 2019.

Our balance sheet shows £241,921 which is based on our positions within Solar 350, Disarmco and Storelectric. From memory we priced these in at £13 and £60 per share respectively less likely disposal costs. Both of these now have further to run for our accounts for 17-18. We have however sold out of the Disarmco Shares as we had an offer to exit and could make use of the cash at the time.

While our equity business is again prospering, our fixed income business shows little signs of life. Investors seem obsessed with the dubious nature of the Renewable Energy Bonds issued to companies mostly advertising on Google Adwords. From my investigations these are equity investments dressed up as debt and secured against assets under construction. electricity grounding works Many of these, in my opinion have the potential to unwind, as there are significant construction and connection risks which will mean the assets will never generate cash.

Strong global economic expansion should now run naturally to 2023 as part of the established 18-year economic cycle. In addition to this, The Paris Agreement requires investment of 2.5% of global GDP per annum to hit the 2% target from 2018 onward to 2050. Obviously, this increase is not going to happen overnight and most likely will happen in the form of a right skewed bell curve.

As mentioned above, Storelectric is now accepting further investment through 350 PPM. The six-word pitch for Storelectric is ‘enabling renewables to power the world’. mafia 2 gas meter This is achieved by storing renewable energy on a large-scale using Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES). CAES works by using electricity to compress air, then expanding this air through a turbine when needed. As covered in the previous update, Storelectric is now supported by NAM, the largest energy company in Holland, jointly owned by Shell and Exxon. Investment is sought for 2018-19 to screen and progress a pipeline of plants to the point of stand-alone investment readiness, as well as to support business operations and further develop the technology.

Please note that we have already had a huge response both from existing Storelectric investors and from new investors as a result of our external marketing efforts. If you are waiting for your transaction to be processed, apologies, and please rest assured that o ur settlements department (the wonderful Ilona) is diligently working away with the objective of getting up to date by close of business Thursday. News

Mark Howitt (CTO) has been working tirelessly with Ernst & Young to prepare the PCI (Project of Common Interest) application, potentially opening up a grant of 50% for an initial study for the 40MW and 500MW Cheshire projects. This application has now been submitted. Storelectric is now the only company that has a large-scale energy storage project (that isn’t pumped hydro) as part of the current Projects of Common Interest in the EU making it eligible for this grant award. Learn more about this – including the UK government EU funding guarantee – at

Tallat Azad (MD) spent the early part of August in Inner Mongolia at the invitation of the President of World Energy Forum. His report, which can be found at this link, includes a short but illuminating interview with a Noble Laureate in Physics (and a Professor of Physics from Stanford University), someone passionate about storage and CAES in particular.

Jeff Draper (FD) has been working with companies interested in exploring CAES & hydrogen storage and this culminated in a symposium (jointly hosted by Storelectric and a sister company Hydrogen Energy Storage Ltd) in August. The symposium was filmed and you can see the interviews conducted during the day that give a flavour of the importance of storage and the prominence of the companies and entities that attended and are interested in the storage field by clicking here.

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