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Twenty 20 years ago, when educators and community members started the charter school movement, people questioned whether students in low income communities could succeed at the highest levels. gas upper stomach That debate is now over. They can, and they do, as evidenced by the high school graduation rates and post-secondary success of thousands of Illinois charter school students. The only remaining question is whether we have the will to make this happen for more families. electricity projects for class 12 That is the work we are committed to.

The Illinois Network of Charter Schools (INCS) advocates for the improvement of public education by creating the conditions that allow high-quality charter public schools to grow, thrive, and serve students and families well. We believe the key conditions are informed community members supporting elected officials who enact laws providing equitable funding and accountability, and authorizers complying with the law and following transparent policies and practices for school oversight.

INCS’ Data Analyst will be a key asset in this effort, enabling INCS to leverage quantitative and qualitative findings about public schools to create transformative policy conditions. power generation definition Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, the Analyst will also oversee, leverage, and expand the organization’s data and information-sharing platforms to enable team members to succeed in more sustainable ways.

INCS advocates with elected officials, local school districts and other charter public school “authorizers,” supports nascent and existing school staff and organizes parents and communities. INCS’ advocacy efforts are supported by our communications, development, and operations teams. The organization is based in Chicago, where most Illinois charter public schools are located.

INCS has a robust SQL database, established Tableau visualizations, and a Data FAQ in Microsoft PowerBI for data sharing with team members and the public through our website. electricity and magnetism worksheets We regularly publish analyses and reports regarding the current state of public education in Illinois and to recommend policy changes to ensure access to high-quality public education is a reality for more students.

We are looking for a Data Analyst who can quickly understand the current needs and data resources of INCS, manage ongoing data requests from internal users, and, eventually develop strategic proposals for future data work in support of our mission. gsa 2016 catalog Because this person will be the only data expert on the team, it is critical that the Analyst be able to manage expectations, manage large projects and smaller requests, and patiently teach the team about best practices and future possibilities.

First and foremost, candidates must believe that every child, regardless of socioeconomic factors or their academic starting point has the potential to succeed in school, career, and life. In addition, candidates should have an awareness of how public education systems have historically and disproportionately disadvantaged vulnerable communities and must believe that charter schools have the power to transform public education and the lives of students. Ideal candidates will possess the following characteristics:

Cultural competency is a lifelong process of building the knowledge, mindset, and skills necessary to engage fully and effectively with students, colleagues, and stakeholders of different backgrounds. electricity in water experiment This process requires us to deeply understand our nation’s history of injustice and its link to the persistent opportunity gaps that INCS and its member schools are focused on closing. types of electricity generation methods It also requires us to strengthen our cultural competency by better understanding our own implicit and explicit biases and by reflecting on our words and actions through open dialogue.

INCS invests in building greater cultural competence and responsiveness across our team by supporting ongoing reflection, learning, skill-building, and positive actions. We know that culturally competent teams, especially when inclusive of individuals who share the racial, socioeconomic, and/or academic backgrounds (e.g., first generation college goers) of member schools’ student populations, are best equipped to take action to ensure fairness inside and outside of INCS. To that end, we believe in building a richly diverse and inclusive organization, including a mission-critical imperative for all staff to both model and contribute to the vision we hope to achieve.

We believe it is critical for leaders to reflect the communities that they serve and that diversity across multiple dimensions enables us to achieve our mission of transforming lives and communities through public education. We don’t just accept difference – we celebrate it, support it, and thrive on it for the benefit of our staff, member schools, and the broader community. INCS is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and is an affirmative action employer. We seek and welcome a diverse pool of candidates in this search.