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Description: Hacienda Laborcilla, is located in the hull of a Hacienda of the eighteenth century remodeled in its entirety to become a Restaurant Bar. The decoration is what most stands out in this place has a source of more than 18 meters in length which makes it In one of the main attractions of the place, it also houses art sculptures certified and brought from the Louvre museum in Paris, we can observe a place where 3 cultures are merged, Roma, Hindu and Egyptian creating an enigmatic and very authentic place . The restaurant Laborcilla is one of the icons of the city of Querétaro its main characteristic is the quality of its products, not spare to obtain the best fish, best cuts to offer it to its customers. The kitchen is very careful, the kitchen staff is very professional and brings people with much experience in international cuisines, it is worth asking for a tour and know the interiors of the hacienda, you will see that it is magical inside and out. The restaurant has service of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, in addition to having one of the busiest bars in the city Horus Bar. It is a must from Mexico.

We had read the rave reviews and headed here for my wife’s birthday lunch. The Hacienda is in fact an old warehouse; hence the name and the surroundings are absolutely gorgeous. A large pool, fed by spouts of water on both sides, surrounded by lush gardens and colourful flowering plants and the entire ambiance is one of relaxed opulence… exactly what an Hacienda is mean to be. The menu is varied, the food is beautifully presented and very well cooked and there is a wide choice of beverages. The trouble is when you are the number 1 rated restaurant is that you can either rest on your laurels or push to get better and better, sadly our experience was the former. Nothing was bad, but it all felt a little bit like they were going through the motions rather than really focusing on providing first class service and cuisine. Our first waiter was attentive, but unfortunately our meal coincided with the change of shift and frankly the waiter we were passed to was not that interested. Another disappointment was that despite the fact that I had included the information about my wife’s birthday at the time of booking and again to the hostess and a third time to our waiter… absolutely nothing was offered, which I found to be not only strange but very rare in Mexico where restaurants are usually very generous and warm in helping patrons celebrate life’s milestones. The other thing that was left unresolved is that one of our dishes was accompanied by “mashed potatoes”, no problem there, we love mashed potatoes as much as the next person, but these did not taste natural nor have the consistency associated with the real thing… both my wife and I cook and we concurred that they must have come from a packet which we found quite surprising considering the quality of the restaurant. So we asked our waiter and then the maître de and he told my wife that he would check with the kitchen and report back…. he never did. Now this is a big restaurant with (according to the waiter) seating for more than 500 people and my best guess is that there were less than 75 patrons in the restaurant at the time, so it is very surprising and disappointing that our enquiry was left unanswered – combined with the failure to acknowledge our celebration in any way left a slightly sour taste in the mouth after what was a good meal and matched by the highest bill we had of all the restaurants we visited in Queretaro. No-one minds splashing out on a nice meal, but please don’t take us for granted. No restaurant is perfect, but how issues are dealt with and responded to makes all the difference and our last impression was not a good one which is a shame because Laborcilla has everything to be a number one pick.