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If it cannot load some plugins or redistributable might be missing (like MS VC++ 2017 redist (32 bit)). Often you can debug such problems using avsmeter -avsinfo Not exactly sure how to decipher it, but I get the following message in red letters in AVSPmod (#1 this is the original AVSPmod that I downloaded).

I still want to know how to address or add in plugins (for future reference), but I decided to just go with the available installation pack for the time being found in the link below (animevideomusic.org) It worked, now I can do the hysteria thing; opening the AVSPmod that was packaged with the AMVpack worked. The drop down suggested menu tab shows "Hysteria".

When I did install the AMVpack (double click on it), it did prompt me to install some type of Microsoft Redistribution thing or whatever it’s called like you pointed out. I still have the AVSPmod (original #1) that still doesn’t have the drop down suggestion for hysteria, it’s still hysteresis, but with the new AVSPmod (#2) that was packaged with the AMVpack it does work with hysteria ()

AMVpack is an installer package for all the tools commonly used for handling and preparing footage for use in making AMVs. This is similar to AMVapp but is more up to date and will have an expiration date so that old versions will not run. I plan to keep this as up to date as possible and will try to have one release a year to help maintain the latest usable versions of any particular item in the package.

echo TDecimate() >> "%~1.avs" You have to change the path on the first line to where DgIndex is located on your computer. This batch file is in my SendTo folder so I can right click on a video then select Send To -> AVS_Mpeg2Source.bat. Or you can drag/drop a file onto it. You should be able to see how to add other options to the resulting script if necessary.

I tried it out, and it works, but I was hoping for a "real" batching process for all 200 plus TV episodes in my folder. I tried sending the entire folder to the .bat file and also tried dragging the entire folder onto the .bat file but that didn’t work. It only converts one file at a time, and when done it stops. It doesn’t start converting the second or subsequent files. Is it suppose to only do one file at a time? Meaning I have to drag one file to it, let it finish, then drag a second file, let it finished, and repeat the process until all 200 plus TV episodes are done? I was hoping that I could select all VOB files or all .mp4 files and drop it onto the .bat file.

I found this thread and it basically has sort of does what I want. I’m still testing it out, but I can’t seem to get multiple .avs (created directly using a .vob file) to merge with multiple .ac3 files. If I recall correctly, if I created multiple .avs files using multiple .mp4 files, then it works…. I think.

1) which I remuxed the elementary video and audio from the other thread, it started dropping wrong frames again. So I wanted to check a native stream as-is in case ffmpeg was picking up some weirdness from timestamps. It doesn’t seem as adaptive as TIVTC, and more prone to issues

2) the threshold for combing in fieldmatch is off. It’s not as clean as avisynth TIVTC. It either deinterlaces too much (aliasing artifacts, resolution loss) , or too little (missing some combed frames) despite adjusting the cthresh value incrementally. But cthresh does work (you can see a difference from lower to higher values) , it’s just that it’s off there is no value that makes it as clean as avisynth’s default "9" .

For the IVTC part, and I alluded to this earlier, one difference is the indexing. DGIndex / dgdecode is super consistent for DVD/mpeg2 source. If you use other source filters, even indexed ones like ffms2 instead, then avisynth becomes less reliable as well.

For the marked as combed / comb detection part – not sure. It’s passing which frames are combed to yadif. But there is no value that makes it as good as avisynth… I would haev expected matching values for everything should have given identical results… that’ s not the case