Avoid scams this holiday season – stevedaviscouncilman electricity notes pdf


We all know that scams are everywhere and happen everyday but some of the scams are unique to the holidays. As a former law enforcement officer, I can assure you that scammers up their game during the holiday season. gas leak in car Online services, gift cards and those pesky “possible spam” sometimes make it impossible for some of us to determine the legitimacy of the caller.

Its not just on-line scams, as you walk into the shopping center, pump your gas and eat with family at the restaurant…scammers are among you, waiting for the opportunity to strike. According to the National Retail Foundation, 55% of these scams occur on-line. gasbuddy login I always used to refer people to the Better Business Bureau for stats simply because they do their homework on this stuff. AARP and National Retail Foundation are also an excellent sources to learn more about scams. 76 gas card payment Both of their websites are listed below for full details on they types of scams. It s a lot of info, but here are some short points to look out for. Be safe, and be smart during this holiday. gas exchange in the lungs IF you do suspect its a scam, please let your local police department know.

GIFT CARD SCAMS: This is the most popular scam, for obvious reasons, 60% of us ask for them during the holiday. So, it gives scammers a bigger opportunity to prey on victims. 2 chainz smoking on that gas Check out the card BEFORE YOU PURCHASE, and make sure its not tampered with. Don’t buy third party gift cards. “Anyone who demands payment by gift card is always, always, always a scammer,” Jennifer Leach, assistant director of the FTC’s Division of Consumer and Business Education, wrote in a blog post earlier this year.

FAKE RETAIL INTERNET SITES: Fake internet sites often will have links that have the stores name, but something is off. gas vs electric oven For instance a false Amazon.com site may look like “amazon-shop.com”. electricity 220v This “spoofing” will direct you to a scammers website, and they can take your personal information should you purchase or enter your financial information.

DONATION SCAMS: The donation scams are common during the holidays or tragic events. Much like the fake retail sites, they can direct you to what appears to be a legit donation site (example: redcrosshelp.com), or have fancy looking websites that appear to be real. electricity generation in india Take a look at the website, it you are not sure, charities can be verified through such sites as Charity Navigator or Give.org.

SANTA LETTER SCAM: Yep, even Santa isn’t safe from the scammers. These criminals prey on you through your children or grandchildren by sending you a link (or sometimes mail) asking “Does your child want a letter from Santa?” The info you sent not only gives them personal info on you, but your children/grandchildren as well. These are also used by sex offender predators, so be careful and do not respond to these unless you KNOW the sender.

DATA THEFT: This scam is year round. Next time you are sitting in that coffee shop, and using their WiFi, you are a target! Over 42% of us don’t even think about this when we add outside internet servers, making us vulnerable to our data being stolen. Shoppers should always look for websites that use addresses beginning with “https://,” Bruemmer said. That assures the site is using a secure, encrypted connection to your computer.