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We did a private tour gas bloating pain for our family of five. Carlos was our guide and he was great…loved the way he called us family! communication and directions ahead of time were clear. When we arrived, we waited about 30 minutes, but we were a little early. The whole day was ours to do as we liked. Carlos had some suggestions based on what we liked. We started our at Punta Sur, climbed, the light house, seen a crocodile, played on the swings and walked the beach. Then we went snorkeling-1st time for all of us. Carlos never left our side, made sure we were safe and enjoying ourselves. We had a great lunch of fajitas (included) and spent some time digging sand castles and enjoying drinks on the beach. We toured the secluded part of the island, shopped a little and did a tequila tasting. We spent the day at our pace and seen so much more than we would have on a cruise excursion. Carlos even offered to drive us to the pier instead of walking back so we could spend a little more time enjoying. We had a blast with Carlos. More Show less

We just returned from our anniversary cruise gas x strips side effects and one of the highlights was definitely our private Jeep tour with Pancho. He took us to the first stop for snorkeling and told us that because of the windy weather we were likely to see alot of sand and not many fish. we chose to skip snorkeling as we’d done it before. I appreciated the heads up before we wasted our precious time. We had seen info about the chocolate tour and asked about that. Pancho was excited about the tour and told us it was a great choice. When we arrived, we were the only ones on our tour! Pancho was greeted like and old friend and Monte gas z factor our tour guide took excellent care of us. After chocolate, Pancho said it was time to go to the lighthouse and crocodiles. We asked about Mayan ruins. He told us that we could go see some but it would mean missing the lighthouse. We had seen lighthouse before so off we went to the ruins. Again, Pancho knew the guides and suggested we take a personal tour gas used in ww1 there so we could get the full experience. He could tell us some things but not as much as a tour guide. the ruins were amazing and so glad we did a personal tour. The history from the chocolate tour meshed perfectly with this tour… After our tour we headed to the beach to have lunch. Pancho told us how this side of the island is without power and no development other than 1 hotel and some small restaurants. The lunch was AMAZING. Chicken fajitas, rice and refried beans. I highly recommend you k electric company try the green sauce but wow its hot! We spent some time at the beach, walked in the water, took was so great to not be hurried and do what we wanted. When we returned to the pier and ran into our dinner mates, it was even more apparent what a great choice we made. We went entirely around the island and didn’t feel rushed or like we missed things. Their tour of 10 jeeps went straight to their destination and back. No chance to change plans and see something else. Pancho even tried to help me find an item I was looking for in the shops. If you want true personalized attention..this is the tour for you. We will definitely do this one again when returning to Cozumel.

Our ship docked at the Punta Langosta Pier and we easily found the Hooters restaurant where gas knife we met the tour operator. We were assigned Paco as our tour guide. We were led a couple of blocks to where our dune buggy was parked. It was actually a VW bug with the back of the roof off. There was plenty of room for the 3 of us and Paco. Paco let me drive the first part of the tour until we got to the snorkeling beach. The car itself was well worn but a gas mixture is made by combining it did the job. The beach we went to was ok and since it was our first snorkeling stop on our cruise, it was fun. after a couple of hours snorkeling and laying out on the chairs we packed up and Paco drove us to the light house and small museum at the far end of the island. The museum was interesting and the climb to the top of the lighthouse gives you a good view of the area and a good place for pictures. We then stopped at the saltwater marsh and saw a crocodile. Next, Paco drove us along the coast to a restaurant for our included lunch. Everywhere we drove we saw the long caravans of dune buggies from the group tours booked on the ship. The private tour allowed us to avoid the crowds o gastroenterologista cuida do que and only stop where we wanted to. After lunch I asked Paco to take us shopping for T-shirts and souvenirs. He helped us negotiate with the vendors and avoid certain shops that he felt took advantage of tourists. Paco made the trip such a pleasure and was willing to help us any way he could. I would certainly do this excursion again electricity word search puzzle if in Cozumel and I would ask for Paco.

We just returned from Carnival Breeze cruise; Cozumel is always my favorite stop. This was my 4th visit and my favorite excursion. We arrived 3/25 and had plenty of time to meet Daniel in front of sporting good store. We handed him the rest of what we owed and he introduced us to Gizmo. Gizmo is now family! He showed us a map and took from us what we wanted to do. We started our tour backwards from others and it was fabulous. We opted out of some things and still had plenty of time where we wanted visit. He drove us around and pointed out points of interest, took pictures for us, and kept our cooler stocked. I loved the east side of island and the restaurant we had lunch. The fajitas were great, drinks and appetizers were cheap and delicious. We hadn’t seen Punta Sur before and WOW what a near place. Gizmo told us some history and kept it very interesting; you can tell he had a passion for this. I HIGHLY recommend booking this tour. From gas vs electric oven efficiency initial email contact to the end, they are very prepared.