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Well, on our 7-hour drive from Udaipur to Pushkar, we decided to call the company and make sure we were all set of our overnight camel safari into the Pushkar desert. Thank goodness we did bp gas station that because they sounded very confused and ill-prepared for our arrival that afternoon. Once we finally made it to Pushkar, it was impossible to find the location of the office – that’s because it was just in someone’s home. Instead of telling us where to meet the owner, he wanted us to tell him where we would be. This was difficult because we did not have a hotel otherwise since the only purpose for coming to Pushkar was to have a camel safari gas out game rules and head back to Udaipur the next day. Once our hour from hell trying to decide where to meet up, we decided to just find a restaurant and wait there for the owner, which is what we should have done in the first place. When we were finally shown where to meet, we arrived upon camels and their guides! AMAZING! We rode for about 3 hours into the desert where they were already setting up camp and dinner prep for us. Due to my recent onset head and chest cold, there was no way I would have been able to camp comfortable overnight, so before the whole camp was electricity worksheets for grade 1 set up, we talked to our guides and they were completely understanding about getting us back into the city to find a hotel for the night. If it weren’t for my sickness, we would have been sleeping under the amazing starlit sky for a night with the camels. The ride was amazing, the camels were great (Rama and Lucky), the guides were fantastic, and the food year 6 electricity assessment was delicious! It would be helpful to contact the people who made a reservation a day or two in advance to ensure that the details and meeting point are all in place. Please start doing that!

My friend and I booked an overnight camel safari for September 18-19. Overall, we had a great experience, minus a slight setback and changes to our original plans. Our confirmation stated that pickup would be at Hotel Pushkar Safari but no address was listed and as it turns out, no such hotel exists. Our driver communicated with the owner gas national average 2013, and shortly after arriving in Pushkar, we pulled in to a small lot across from the Indian Oil gas station. A man on a motorcycle (with no confirmation number or proof that he was with the booking company) tells us he will take us on our safari. There was not one camel in sight and the electricity in the body whole situation seemed a bit shady. We refused to go with the man and after a frustrated exchange, he convinced our driver to drive us to his home/office. It turned out that the man on the motorcycle was the owner and ran the camel safari out of his home. We also found out that we were the only two people that booked an overnight safari for this particular day. As two females, we felt slightly uncomfortable going out into a deserted area at night with two strange men. And although we were assured we’d be safe, we decided to change our itinerary as a precautionary measure and do just the day tour. Although baffled by our decision, Mr Vikram was very accommodating to our request. We were also more than willing to pay for the full overnight safari charge, but Mr Vikram insisted we pay just the day tour fee. Mr Vikram notified his staff about our changes and when was gas 99 cents in california allowed us to start our safari two hours earlier than originally planned (to allow us plenty of time to drive back to Jaipur after the safari). We were taken to the camels just off of the main road at around 2:30. Our camels were gas station jokes Lucky and Maharaja and were very well behaved during the entire 4 hour ride. The trainers/guides Vino and B were very nice and attentive. We were definitely at ease having them as our guides. The route was very scenic with mountain views and pastures, we passed through several villages and got to see the villagers go about their day. Despite going on our safari in the middle electricity lessons for 5th grade of the day, it was not too hot and we were given a few breaks throughout the ride. The first break was about an hour in, we found some shade, took pictures with our camels, and rehydrated. The second break was for Masala Chai, freshly made in front of us by the village general store. It was very delicious. The last break was for a short musical and dance performance. This was obviously pre-planned but we could have done without. (We also did not appreciate being told our tip was not enough) In the end, we felt a bit silly for changing our plans last minute. But no regrets here, in the end we had a great time. Suggestions for a 5 star experience: • Set meet ups at the camel gas after eating meat grounds, and have signage so visitors know they’re at the correct place. • Have confirmation numbers ready, this will provide visitors with proof of company’s authenticity.