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As you cross over the covered bridge, you know you’ve truly entered a special place. The natural surroundings of tall oak trees and gentle rolling hills accentuate the beauty of this all log cabin Ozark community. At night the bridge, as well as all the cabins are lit up to create a glowing atmosphere!

Arriving at ‘Cedar Cove Cabin’ you will notice that it sits directly in front of the community pool( seasonal), and playground. You will be able to relax on the large back deck while you watch your children frolic and play within feet of the cabin. Enjoy the stunning views of rolling hills, golf course, woods and a large pond. The deck is equipped with a patio table with six chairs, a log bench, and a stainless steel gas grill for your barbeques.

Inside the cabin the cathedral ceilings, large windows and rustic furnishings are designed to make you feel right at home. Relax in rustic elegance on the log furniture in front of the stone wood-burning fireplace. Your wood is complimentary on the front porch.

First appearances of the cabin seemed great. Nice décor, clean and great location to the playground/pool. That’s where it ended. The first night was filled with sounds of mice running wildly the entire night above all of the bedrooms. We notified Darla of the issue the next morning and she was going to send an exterminator over. A couple arrived later that morning without any type of company name on their clothing or vehicle. They took pictures of the attic with their cell phone and put more mice poison up there (they said there was already poison up there). My husband had to tell them to please vacuum up the mice feces that had fallen all over the carpet in the two bedrooms when they opened up the attic accesses. The next two nights were filled with sounds of mice dying and still scampering around. Every morning and night was filled with packing up our bags and keeping them in our vehicle, so mice would not get in them. Our food had to be kept shut up in coolers. My 6-month-old baby could not lay/scoot around on the floor for fear of mice feces. I totally understand it is hard to keep mice out of cabins, especially in the cold weather – but we felt Darla did not take our complaints to heart. She never checked again on how our stay was, never offered to compensate us a night or anything for the terrible stay. Usually they say you are sad for your vacation to be over – this one I couldn’t wait to be home.

I am very sorry you had a problem. Unfortunately, the first big cold snap of the year happened on the weekend you were there. We have never had such a low rating before and I feel like it was an overreaction to the problem and maybe an exaggeration You even stated that everything was clean, attractively decorated and convenient. The cabins are exterminated every month but there is not a lot they can do about mice. I have had conversations with the exterminator in the past about mice. All they can do is put out bait and traps so there was no reason to call them again since we keep bait out at all times and traps don’t work well. The couple I sent to check on the situation was my housekeeping staff. They informed me that there was still bait left but added more fresh bait to be sure. They vacuumed anything that fell out of the attic for you and would have done anything else that you requested. My husband and I live six hours away and are on our way to the cabin as I write this to personally check on the situation and determine its validity. I take all issues seriously and I immediately address them. I had guests in there right before and right after your stay with no issues.