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We booked our manta ray (and afternoon) snorkel with Kona Honu Divers, at the recommendation of several past visitors. It was the highlight of our trip! After the afternoon snorkel, we got back on the boat to enjoy our turkey and roast beef wraps and snacks. Cory continued his freediving and photography and, when he spotted some electricity transformer near house mantas coming in early, came back on the boat to take us snorkelers back out for a sneak peek! We got great pictures of the early mantas and go pumped for our evening activities. After snacks and our electricity outage debriefing, we got back in the water with our surfboard (with only four snorkelers, we had tons of room!). It ended up being an awesome manta night, with 25 mantas identified and having to suck in our guts to keep from touching the rays by accident. Although I am a certified diver, I am genuinely glad I decided to do the snorkeling with my husband. Not only did we get to see all of the mantas and get great pics and video of them, we didn’t have to worry about getting knocked around by currents and could really enjoy the experience. Plus, it was gas monkey monster truck body really fun to be able to hear everyone else’s reactions to the rays when they got close. The squeals and giggles made gas number it even more enjoyable! The boat was spacious; Ali was great with confirming our trip and getting us information over the phone, as well as checked in at the dock. Captain Johnny was kind, friendly and remembered everyone’s names at the end of the night! Cory was a delight and so thoughtful to come back and get us between trips! Thank you, Kona Honu divers!

Just finished a FII Level 1 Freediver course taught by Cory gas 89 Fults. Let’s begin by saying it was excellent. If you don’t read any farther that’s all you need to know. Why was it so good? First, we had a bit of luck in that for the classroom and pool sessions there we only two of us. For the open water sessions there were three of us. Perfect numbers. The academic sessions were PowerPoint, which can be boring, but in this case with Cory’s obvious passion for z gas tecate telefono the sport he added personal experiences and anecdotes to what could otherwise be dry material. The pool sessions were where Cory began to shine brightly. His electricity generation in usa coaching style was relaxed and super encouraging. His ability to detect and correct performance flaws and have us focus on key elements that would best lead to improvement were exemplary. The exercises regarding problem recognition and management (rescues) are vital for anyone entering this rapidly growing sport. The open water (ocean) sessions on day two built on the pool sessions. Having an instructor who displays a calm, non- boisterous mastery of the skills gives a great role model to pattern your skill development after. Cory’s supportive coaching style allowed each of the three of us to progress within grade 6 electricity our own limits without pushing us too far. The direct supervision model taught in the course and practiced in the ocean will serve us well. If you are thinking of taking electricity review worksheet up free diving, I would highly recommend the FII level 1 taught through Kona Honu / Kona Kai. If you are lucky enough to get Cory as an instructor I can only say we had a gas and learned an amazing amount that will allow us to build our skills in a safe manner.