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My experience with Barakuda was an excellent one from beginning to end. They weren’t at all pushy in the dive centre but were friendly informative and helpful. I booked on 27th to dive 4 gas laws on 28th December for two morning dives. I have PADI advanced qualification but hadn’t been diving for 17 years following a really bad experience in Mexico diving with a bunch of cowboys when it all went horribly wrong. The Barakuda team are the complete opposite, and truly professional. I booked for a two dive refresher course as I’d forgotten just about everything I’d been taught all those years ago. Highly experienced, well organised and with high quality equipment, a well maintained and equipped boat I felt comfortable throughout. I was diving with my son and his girlfriend who’ve recently completed PADI open water in Sri Lanka, so we have varying qualifications but also varied experience but still wanted to dive together, which was thought through and planned by the team. Everything ran like clockwork. I watched the team work electricity use estimator together to get all the kit and customers aboard and we were well briefed throughout. We were paired up with a Dive Instructor called Lisa from Austria and a trainee Dive Master called Bee from Australia. Both ladies were brilliant. They really paid attention to me from the start, checking all of my kit, and then showing me how to double check it as we assembled it together. They then triple checked it when we did buddy checks before jumping in. After we all submerged together my son and Girlfriend were left free to swim around close by while Bee (supervised by Lisa) and I carried out my basic training on the bottom before we went off to swim around and see the beautiful coral and sea life that was in abundance at the chosen dive site. As I was a bit nervous and took some time getting back into the swing of it, but Bee was calm and patient and very clear while running through my drills, and building my knowledge and confidence back up. As my first dive in such a long time my air consumption wasn’t great so when I started to run a little lower than the others we executed our contingency as briefed in the pre dive briefing. Bee and I paired off and surfaced pretty close gas 0095 to the boat leaving the other 2 plus instructor to finish off their dive. In between dives we had fresh fruit, tea coffee and a nice lunch that was pre ordered when we booked the day before. We spent our obligatory dive interval with tea coffee and biscuits chatting on the boat. Second dive was brilliant two and we saw Turtle, Barracuda, Moray Eel, Octopus plus loads more. Yet again Lisa and Bee were great and even though I had some trouble equalising they were so patient and helpful. Through both dives safety, procedures and communication among the dive power energy definition group were followed religiously, in my view in line with best practice and everything I’ve ever been taught. We also paid an extra for a photographer to come along. In total for the three of us it cost around £230 including all kit, lunch and photography and I thought very reasonable, and we have some amazing pictures and videos to capture our first family diving experience together. I’d highly recommend this outfit, as I felt confident and relaxed throughout despite by long break from diving and previous loss of confidence. I’ve seen it done at its worst back in Mexico in 2000, but these guys are as professional, motivated and well organised as I’ve seen anywhere in the world. When I come back to Thailand I won’t hesitate to book with them again.

I had 4 dives there in june 2017,generally all dive shops in PHI PHI have similar prices around 30-40 Euros per dive all inn.Problem electricity word search answer key can be with staff ,sometime dive masters or instructors are very bad quality and faraway from responsible diving.Barakuda is fortunatelly different!!!I meet perfect and responsible dive masters Terence(TH),Natasha(FR) and Fernando(BR),they really know diving and cooperation with them tgas advisors company profile was fine,problem there is mostly boat transport from PHI PHI port to dive sposts,boat is clean big and nice,but unpleasant waves, plus the smell of the engine’s flue gas, can lift up stomachs to some more sensitive divers, and instead of doing a great dive, they are sickening in the sea waves !!During my dive trips there ,it happen some customers. Generally thailand is much more expensive for diving compare Bali or most parts of philipines,but other services in PHI PHI as accomodation,food and laundry ,are very resonable even compare to Bangkok or Krabi…. I pay for one dive 35,-Euros all inn!!

I was incredibly dissatisfied with my experience. I walked away from the dive with a very bad taste in my mouth. The company has gas x user reviews great reviews and the guys in the shop were very helpful and easy to work with. However, it was just the opposite when we got out on the boat. I felt there was a general laziness and disregard about protocol and safety. The dive master gave the normal schpeel about safety, but didn’t seem to care about it much once he got in the water. Underwater signals were not always used fully and left confusion with the 4 divers. The equipment was poor. I wish I’d done a more thorough check of how my gear was set up: whoever set up my air tank didn’t attach it properly and it floated off my BCD mid-dive. We weren’t given snorkels. None of the gear was washed or treated after the dive. Maybe it was done back at the shop. But there was black mold on the BCD inflators. There was no head count as we left the water electricity and magnetism study guide. Nobody verified that the divers were all accounted for. If you’re looking for a boat to take you into the ocean and just drop you off to do your own thing, maybe this is a fit for you. I hope you’ve got a good buddy and know how to deal with any problem on your own. If you’re looking for a dive operation that regards safety, equipment and procedure, I would strongly discourage you from using Barakuda. I gave it two stars just because I arrived on shore safely (thank God). I will never dive here again.