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Axe is commonly played as an initiator, as his potent disables can disrupt the enemy’s formation and give his team openings in fights. Axe’s fighting style demands that he gets up close and very personal, as he can taunt enemies into attacking him with Berserker’s Call, preventing them from engaging his teammates. Once he has the enemy’s attention, he can counter those who strike him with a sweeping Counter Helix that slashes all enemies at melee range with pure damage. He also has a slow and damage-over-time nuke in Battle Hunger, which can harass the enemy or force them to join in battle, while also slowing their movement speed and boosting his own. Finally, he has the ability to unconditionally remove weakened enemies from the battlefield if they are under a certain threshold with Culling Blade, while simultaneously boosting his allies’ speed. A bloodthirsty and indomitable warrior, Axe’s presence on the battlefield is felt by friend and foe alike, dominating the attention of the enemy wherever he goes.

• Tranquil Boots provide Axe with movement speed and passive health regeneration outside of combat. It is crucial to get on Axe early for increasing his mobility for early initiations, and providing a source of HP regen to allow him to remain on the field instead of returning to base.

• Soul Ring can be a useful early-game item to build on high HP heroes with heavy mana costs like Axe. Having on-demand burst mana can allow him to cast his spells when needed, and he can easily recoup the HP cost with Tranquil Boots. The item itself also provides some passive mana regen and some HP regen as well to increase Axe’s self-sustain.

• Urn of Shadows is a good ganking item that gives Axe many benefits. The extra strength increases Axe’s HP and base damage, and the passive mana regen helps with his mana problems. Urn charges can be used to add extra Pure damage to fights and ganks, or to heal Axe back up from any damage he incurs during Berserker’s Call.

• Blink Dagger is the most important purchase Axe must make if he is to become an effective initiator. Jumping on top of the enemy in order to disable them with Berserker’s Call allows Axe to paralyze multiple enemies at once for his team to follow up on.

• Vanguard gives Axe even more survivability against physical damage by giving him increased damage block, more HP and HP regen. The damage block is particularly strong for mitigating the damage Axe takes during Berserker’s Call, allowing him to proc more instances of Counter Helix.

• Blade Mail provides many strong benefits for Axe. The additional armor increases his durability, the intelligence boosts his mana pool to allow him to cast spells more often, and the attack damage lets him farm more easily and deal more damage to the enemy with his attacks. The active, used during or after Berserker’s Call, further punishes the enemy for attacking him, allowing him to use his HP offensively to deal damage to the enemy during initiations.

• Black King Bar can be a necessary purchase if he is facing a very disable-heavy lineup. Because he jumps right into the middle of the enemy to initiate, he is a prime target for focusing down with magic nukes and stuns, so having spell immunity can allow him to do more in fights.

• Force Staff gives Axe many strong benefits and is a powerful utility item to carry. The increased intelligence gives Axe a larger mana pool, while the passive health regeneration helps to keep Axe’s health topped up. The active can give Axe additional mobility, or can be used on teammates to help them initiate or escape. As well, using the active on himself after a successful Blink-Call can allow Axe to quickly kite enemies away, forcing them to follow him during the taunt.

• Crimson Guard, upgraded from Vanguard, is a strong utility item that provides Axe with even more survivability against physical damage. The extra armor and attributes on top of the existing damage block and bonus HP can make him extremely tanky, and he can augment it even more and protect his allies with the active.

• Lotus Orb is a strong initiator item that allows Axe to punish enemies for targeting him with disables. The item provides armor and more regeneration, making him more tanky and allowing him to replenish his mana over time. The active, used during an initiation, can punish enemies who target Axe with single-target disables and nukes, disabling and nuking them in turn to cause more chaos for Axe’s team to capitalize on.

• Heart of Tarrasque greatly increases Axe’s health and provides base damage, giving him much more power as an initiator, since he can continue disabling the enemy during fights so long as he is alive. As well, if he manages to survive fights and escape, he can quickly regenerate his HP and jump straight back into battle.

• Shiva’s Guard drastically boosts Axe’s intelligence and armor, giving him yet more survivability against physical damage while also eliminating his mana problems. The attack speed slow aura can greatly hinder the enemy from making physical attacks during fights, while the active can be used as a damage nuke and a slow to hinder their mobility.

• Aghanim’s Scepter gives Axe stats across the board, providing tankiness and more mana. Its upgrade improves Battle Hunger’s by adding a -30% dmg output reduction on the target, allowing Axe to significantly weaken enemies that don’t rely on dispels or spell immunity.

• Boots of Travel gives Axe additional battlefield and global mobility. The global teleport allows Axe to show up to fights to initiate for his team more easily, while the increased movement speed allows him to be more mobile on the battlefield, chasing enemies down and inflicting them with Battle Hunger to slow them.

• Assault Cuirass is a strong teamfight item that greatly increases Axe’s armor and attack speed. The armor provides yet more resistance against physical damage, and the attack speed allows Axe to become much more threatening with his right-clicks. The allied armor and attack speed aura is a strong edge in teamfights.

• Heaven’s Halberd is a strong survivability and utility item that can help Axe if the enemy’s physical damage output is more than he can handle. The additional strength and evasion give him more health and survivability against physical attacks, respectively, and the active disarm allows Axe to completely stop an enemy from attacking.

• Mjollnir is a strong purchase on Axe given his role as a close-range initiator. The item gives him greatly increased attack speed, making his physical attacks much more dangerous, and allows him to bounce Chain Lightning procs during fights to deal magical damage all around to the enemy. The Static Charge active can also be placed on Axe himself right before initiation, further punishing the enemy for attacking him during Berserker’s Call.

• Vladmir’s Offering is a good survivability and self-sustain item. The armor aura helps increase Axe’s survivability against physical damage, while the lifesteal, HP regen and flat mana regen aura can keep his mana up and allow him to sustain his health while farming. All these benefits confer to nearby allies as well, making it a strong teamfight item as well.

One by one the soldiers of the Red Mist fell, some in battle, others to Moghul Khan’s ambitions, until the self-declared general found himself a commander without troops. No matter, Axe thought. For a one-man army is the best army of all. Leaping into battle, Moghul Khan compels nearby foes to attack him with a taunting Berserker’s Call. Absorbing blows from every direction, Axe reacts by swinging his axe full circle in a Counter Helix, easily dispatching the swarm he had gathered. But alas, not all stay long enough to meet their end. The few limping away from Moghul Khan feel an inexplicable Battle Hunger, a hunger that is never sated before Axe sends them to an early grave with Culling Blade.