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Ayurveda, the science of life teaches us the way of living. As it is science of life, Ayurveda has its own philosophy. This philosophy is much similar to philosophy of medicine. electricity shock in the body But it is distinct from the philosophy of modern medicine as Ayurveda is holistic system of medicine that views man, his health and diseases from a holistic perspective and not from mechanistic perspective. It is this philosophy that make Ayurveda a unique system of medicine.

The term bhoota is a Sanskrit word derived from the root ‘bhoo’ which means to exist and mahabhoota means gross existents. This theory holds that the perceptible universe is made up of five existents(elements). z gas ensenada telefono The five primordial existents are earth(bhoomi), water(jala), air(vayu), fire(agni), and ether/space (akasha). The primordial existents combine to form gross existents and in turn they combine to form perceptible universe. The basic logic of the theory is that there are only five sensory faculties(jnjanendriya) for human beings and each faculty perceives a particular property. gas out As properties cannot exist free of substance there should be a particular substance to have each specific property. Thus, five substances are postulated such as earth with smell, water with taste, fire with colour, air with touch and ether with sound. The names of these postulated existents are metaphors, to indicate their characteristics and are not real earth, fire etc. electricity jokes riddles That we perceive. Whatever we perceive in this universe is made up of all the five existents in varying compositions.

Especially in the context of pharmacology all the materials we use i.e., drugs and food materials are made up of the five existents. Hence all the substances can be divided into five according to the predominance of gross existents in them named as earthen substances (parthiva dravya), watery substances (jaleeya dravya), fiery substances (taijasa dravya), airy substances (vaayavya dravya) and ethereal substances (akasheeya dravya). physics electricity and magnetism study guide So, to sum up earthen substances exhibits properties such as heavy, gross, stable, endowed with smell and actions as heaviness, stability, consistency and growth. Watery substances have properties like liquid, heavy, cold, unctuous, sluggish, dense, endowed with taste and actions like unctousnesness, secretion, humidity, happiness and binding. Fiery substances are dry, sharp, hot, clear, minute and endowed with colour. k electric bill payment online They cause burning, shining, colour, light and digestion. Airy substances are dry, clear, light and endowed with touch. They cause dryness, lightness, clarity, movement and weakness. Ethereal substances are minute, clear, light and endowed with sound. They cause porosity and lightness.

Now coming to human body, we can say that a single living cell is a unique combination of these five existents- earth provide structure to the cell, water is the liquid within the cell membrane. The metabolic processes in the cell represent the fire. The gaseous exchange represents the air. The space occupied by the cell represents the Space or ether. bad gas 6 weeks pregnant If we take up the whole body, spaces in the body represents the ether, the gases and movements of nerve impulses represents the air, the functioning of enzymes and digestive system represents the fire, all body fluids represent the water, Solid structures in the body such as bone, teeth etc represents the earth.