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“To fix the brain, we first fix the gut” is a saying in Ayurvedic texts. gas 47 cents In today’s world, it is relevant that we reboot the digestive system once in awhile and restore it with healthy microbes (gut flora). All people can benefit from healing the gut to optimize digestion and prevent illness. However, people with health conditions, such as acne or skin disorders, food allergies or autoimmune problems, digestive or metabolic disorders, mood swings or sluggish energy, cravings or weight gain, stress or sleep disorders, seasonal allergies or congestion, constipation or irregular bowel, feminine health or menstrual cycle discomfort, have been proven to dramatically reduce their symptoms and heal their systems. Check below to see some of our success stories and client reviews. 6 Months to Heal?

Habits are hard to break. Over time we become comfortable with them, which may or may not serve us in the long term. gas cap code Due to ingrained habits with foods and lifestyle, we tend to accumulate certain conditions that can be detrimental to our health. Fortunately, habits are learned and can therefore change to heal from the root of the problems rather than just putting a bandaid on the symptoms.

In Ayurveda, everything revolves around gut health. gas in babies how to get rid of it Modern medicine is now showing incredible research into the gut as the source of thousands of diseases. Ayurveda, for 5,000 years, has shown how to heal through looking at an individual’s gut health. Gut microbes are the powerhouse of everything from the production of energy to healthy immunity. Ayurveda is now a focus of research on health conditions related to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, strokes, and many more.

This is why Ayurveda, for thousands of years, has proven to heal not only through what you eat, but more importantly, what you digest. The gut is where food first begins to be broken down to become useful to your body. static electricity diagram With the help of what in Ayurveda we call Agni (digestive fire), food is broken down so the nutrients can be assimilated into every cell of the body.

If we don’t cultivate healthy microbes, and our digestive fire (Agni) is low, the undigested food becomes toxins, or what we call Ama, which will then be stored in fat cells. The undigested food gets trapped in the intestinal tract, especially the intestinal villi, resulting in the buildup of toxins (Ama). Our gut healing protocol works to detoxify the body of accumulated toxins (Ama), restore healthy microbes in the gut, and unclog the intestinal tract, resulting in the proper assimilation of nutrients for a healthy body and clear mind. electricity quiz ks2 Our Six Month Gut Healing Protocol

Monthly workshops are focused on the educational platform for learning this “Science of Life.” We often invite guests with knowledge on health and wellness, and the community aspects of our workshops are fun and life-affirming. Since our classroom is facilitated with a modern kitchen we often teach how to cook with medicinal spices and herbs that support health and wellness. electricity bill nye worksheet How does it work?

Manish Chandra is a friendly and well-informed practitioner who helped me immensely. I was diagnosed with severe diverticulitis by my trusted medical doctor. grade 6 electricity He sent me to a surgeon here in Santa Cruz who, of course, wanted to “cut” right away. I asked for a delay in order to seek other help and other opinions. Santa Cruz Ayurveda was one of the most helpful places I went. Under Manish’s direction, I made some simple changes to my diet and added some herbal remedies. This helped greatly in diminishing the irritation in my digestive track and “balancing” my system. gas in spanish After several months of this new approach, accompanied by some Chinese herbal remedies provided by my acupuncturist Dale Strawhacker and the continuing good advice of my M.D. Thanh Vu, I was sent to Stanford Hospital for a “second opinion.” Dr. Andrew Shelton, a surgeon and teaching doctor there, pronounced me healthy enough to avoid surgery. I plan to continue with “Dr. Chandra” to keep in balance and on the path to health (and away from the knife). Tom M.