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Going from white plaster to NTP Mini Pebble Aqua Blue, re-tile with a lighter blue tile and adding a large baja step to replace the entry steps. I’ve also bitten the bullet and decided to get rid of the infloor cleaning system, as the one i have (caretaker 99) doesn’t seem to work near as well as my old pool (A&A) since we have a lot more leaves dropping in the pool that just get pushed around the bottom. I already have a suction return line, so very much debating whether to get a cheaper suction vac or go all-in with a robot. Since I’ve already got some plumbing from the infloor system, we are going to use some of the existing pipe to put in 2 bubblers into the baja shelf. I have a few questions to make sure everything goes smoothly/works properly.

First is for the removal of the infloor system and utilizing part of the existing plumbing for the bubblers. I’m assuming they just cap the unused lines at the pool equipment and then somehow cover them with the new pool surface. Are there concerns with how they might do this to ensure no issues from the unused lines and that they don’t cause any issues with the durability of the pool surface? I’ve seen issues with rebar showing through a surface and want to ensure there are no complications with covering the old collars/plumbing.

Second question relates to the first with the bubblers. When I asked about using the existing plumbing for the bubblers, the builder said they would just find one zone from the infloor system that controlled 2 or more heads in the baja shelf area and use those. Is there a concern with not using 2 separate zones, one for each bubbler? I’d be concerned with not being able to control the pressure to each bubbler especially if they ended up uneven with no way to fix it. Is that an issue or am I overthinking it? Are there specific bubbler heads that I should ask for?

Last question is the cleaning vac or robot. I really hesitated with getting rid of the infloor system because I didn’t want to always have something in the pool or have to worry about constantly removing or putting back the hose and vac. I’ve swam in a number of pools that had the vac with the big hose and it always seemed to be in the way. Having read through a lot of the robot threads, I didn’t see an answer to a really simple question. How do people plug them in? My pool is somewhat shallow but long and is not within 60 feet of an outlet to plug in a robot. Anyone else have the same problem? Can you buy a longer line or do you run an extension cord? I guess I could always have an outlet installed closer to the pool if that’s what it takes.

3. They installed a return fitting on the vac line and plugged one of the returns with a cap rather than the other way around. I removed the cap off the return line but could not get the return jet nozzle out of the vac line. Is it just elbow grease or any advice on getting this out?

4. They cracked a collar fitting on the pvc lines going to the new off for the bubblers so it leaks pretty bad when turning on the bubblers. Looks like they must have put too much pressure on that pipe when they were cutting to run new pvc for the bubblers. Will ask him to fix it.

5. Intellibrite issues – tried the light and wasn’t working. Located the wiring near the switch and some of the wires weren’t attached. Reattached the 2 white wires and pressed the button. Did some weird strobe effect, pressed it again and it worked fine. The switch is an old x10 switch that might be the issue so I’ll likely just wire in a new switch. I did read somewhere that x10 switches can have dimmer functions which would not be good for this light.

6. Only real surface issue I can see (other than the spot near the tile) is on the bottom of the last step where it transitions to the floor. Looks like 3 small humps where they didn’t do a good job of curving it from a lateral surface to a horizontal one. But I only really noticed it at night with the pool light on and not during the day, so maybe it isn’t that obvious.