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BabyCord Jordan is the first and so far the only family cell bank licensed by the Jordan Ministry of Health. BabyCord Jordan provides storage of stem cells isolated from umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord tissue. Currently, BabyCord Jordan serves clients from Jordan and other regional countries and performs all cell banking activities at their own state-of-the-art facility, set up with the highest American and European standards in Amman.

BabyCord Jordan (BCJ) was initially established in 2005 to market and facilitate the collection and transportation of cord blood units for family banking at the New England Cord Blood Bank (NECBB) in the USA. types of electricity tariff Today, BCJ is an independent cord blood bank led by notable medical advisors and experts in scientific and regulatory aspects of cell banking. They have developed a fully functional facility for cell banking under current Good Tissue and Manufacturing Practices (GTP/GMP) and have developed unique SOPs in accordance to the highest American and European regulations. The BCJ facility in Amman is expertly-designed and equipped to assure operational stability with different laboratories assigned for samples receipt/qualification, processing/freezing, product characterization, cryo-storage and research/development. Collectively, the team at BCJ has more than 100 years of experience in the development of health care business, stem cell transplantation, laboratory medicine and production/banking of therapeutic cells.

BabyCord Jordan is staffed with a 24/7 professional medical team that is available at all hours of the day to be present at the time of delivery to perform the cord blood and tissue collection. la gas prices All collections are performed by the BCJ team of dedicated nurses to ensure the largest possible volume of cord blood is retrieved, and maintain premium service under aseptic conditions. Supplies are provided for gravity collection of cord blood and placental blood into a US-FDA and/or CE certified Cord blood collection bags with the FDA-approved anti-coagulant Citrate Phosphate Dextrose solution (CPD). gas dryer vs electric dryer safety The kit contains supplies for cord disinfection, test tubes for collection of maternal blood, and cord tissue transport media in specialized container. The components of the kit are sterile for use in the operating room during a C-section delivery. Transportation container

Freshly collected cord blood is transported using customized Styrofoam-lined insulated boxes with temperature regulated gel packs. gasbuddy touch All containers have been validated to maintain room temperature under extreme hot and cold weather conditions. The BCJ transporter is guaranteed to maintain room temperature for over 72 hours. All cord blood units arrive to our 24-hour facility within 2 hour of collection and no later than 4 hours, ensuring optimum viability of the extracted and stored stem cells.

When cryopreserved cord blood is transported for patient therapy, we provide free of charge a vacuum-jacketed liquid nitrogen dry shipper charged with LN2 and qualified to maintain temperature below -150 oC for an extended shipment time of 7-10 days. electricity a level physics Conditions of product transportation and shipment is continuously monitored using NIST certified temperature loggers. Shipping Info

BabyCord Jordan staff are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any cord blood collection and shipping arrangements. We have special arrangements in regards to courier of any cord blood unit from anywhere in the region and this can be facilitated by us in the event that you are sending the cord blood from out of Jordan. This can be done on any day of the week, during weekend and holidays.

Each unit of cord blood that arrives at the BCJ laboratory is given a unique identifying number. electricity history timeline Once the cord blood is processed, it is stored in a multi-chamber cryogenic freezing / storage bag. To shield the stem cells from freezing damage, we use the traditional cryoprotection solution: 10% DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide)/ 1% Dextran. The bag is then placed in an overwrap to provide an additional safety during storage, frozen at a computer-controlled rate freezing system and finally stored in our liquid nitrogen (LN2) tanks. This freezing process ensures the safety of the baby’s cells and allows long-term storage at -321° Fahrenheit (-196°C).

Our storage Liquid nitrogen tanks are auto-filled with LN2 and can maintain their internal temperatures below -150°C for up to three weeks without any electric input, in case of failure or natural disasters. The BCJ facility is further protected from power outages by two on-site electric generators that also have a further third back up system. Licensing & Accreditation

• Our community service program has been set up for families who currently have a child in need of a stem cell transplant, and who are banking a newborn’s umbilical cord blood with the intention that it will be used for the sick sibling. q gases componen el aire For eligible cases, BCJ will waive all enrollment and storage fees. We are committed to sponsor families who have a child with a known and treatable blood disorder who cannot afford the service for the aim of treatment.