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I met a gentleman at Bonati Institute who had Back pain with testicular pain. He had one surgery while at Bonati at L5/S1 a foramintomy and laminotomy. This did not relieve his testicular pain. Bonati doctors had informed him before surgery he would probably need more than one surgery at T12-L1.

Unsuccessful recognition of the origin of testicular pain and a high failure rate of surgical interventions lead to poor outcomes, psychologic distress, and increased costs of care. A frequently overlooked cause of testicular and buttock pain is irritation of the T10-L1 sensory nerve roots, the genitofemoral nerve, and the ilioinguinal nerve. We present the case of a 36-year-old policeman with a 5-year history of back pain and testicular pain of unknown origin. Physical examination of the thoracolumbar region revealed that active movement provoked the patient’s buttock symptoms, and local mobility restrictions were present in the thoracolumbar region. A central disk protrusion at T12-L1 was noted on upper lumbar spine magnetic resonance imaging, which supports dysfunction of this region. The diagnosis of thoracolumbar stiffness led to implementation of passive and active mobilization of that region and to specific hip stretching and strengthening exercises. After a course of direct and guided physical therapy, the patient attained complete symptom resolution. The patient returned to full work duties as a police officer and resumed his full recreational activity. The excellent outcome achieved in managing this patient was attributed to identifying the origin of referred pain from the thoracolumbar junction

Clinical examination: straight-leg raising test, both are 45 °, leads the medial thigh pain, pain at the knee medial radioactive bilateral suprapubic tenderness highly sensitive point, the hip flexor knees at a consolidated trial, leads to the roots of thigh pain, Diagnosis: Bilateral thigh soft tissue damage to the thigh roots pain and groin pain.

W, female, 45 years old, lower abdominal pain for nine years, perineal pain for 14 years, accompanied by menstrual pain, sexual intercourse pain, frequency and urgency, particularly in the menstrual period, after hospital treatment, are not effective, pain remains ,can’t lateral thigh, can not walk step.

Clinical examination: straight-leg raising test both are 70 °, the roots of bilateral thigh have severe pain. Other inspection normal, the diagnosis: bilateral, the roots of the thigh, a soft-tissue damage, caused the abdominal pain, genital pain, pain in sexual intercourse.

Clinical examination: straight-leg raising test negative, tenderness at the root of bilateral thigh highly sensitive ‘knees hip flexor legs at the root of test leads to thigh pain, diagnosed as: Bilateral thigh soft tissue damage to the roots of scrotal pain

X, male, 44 years old, low back pain, for 11years,sacral pain, right leg pain for 1 year, and the right abdominal pain associated with urine frequency, urine urgency, and sexual dysfunction for 12 years, non-surgical therapy for six months, to no avail.

Clinical examination: Spinal no abnormal appearance, straight legs bending test hand fingertip 25 cm from the ground, straight leg extension waist limited test, have aroused increasing low back pain, straight-leg raising test Bilateral 85 °, the roots of both the waist and thighs highly sensitive point of tenderness, knees hip flexor legs at the root of test leads right thigh pain.