Backpacking packing list 2018 • pro hacks and tips for packing grade 6 electricity unit ontario

Camera: If you want to take a camera and you’re new to photography I suggest getting something by Lumix, they offer great bang for your buck and is ideal for taking quality travel photos. Check out this incredibly detailed post for a breakdown of the best travel cameras if you’re really interested in travel photography.

Laptop: Since I make a living online, I travel with some top notch tech. Buying a MacBook Pro was the single best investment I ever made. Check out this incredibly detailed post for a breakdown on the best travel laptops for digital nomads and backpackers.

If you’re a keen hiker or adventurer, you know that you’ll need to carry more gear… It’s great to pack light but if you’re spending a lot of time camping out or hiking through the mountains, it’s important to be prepared. This camping gear checklist has got you covered on everything you’ll need for your epic hikes and camping delights.

Pocket Blanket: Lightweight, waterproof, super compact pocket blanket is a great addition to your backpacking checklist. Doubling up as an emergency poncho, a picnic blanket is worth its weight in gold when chilling, or camping, on the beach. This is a great item to have, even for someone looking for a minimalist backpacking list and if you want to roll around with your significant other, a picnic blanket is well worth packing.

You may not need a lot of the gear below, but if you’re planning an epic expedition and will be away from civilisation a lot it does make sense to invest in some of this must have hiking gear. I almost always travel with a tent as it has saved me a ton of money on accommodation over the years. This is my hiking/camping gear checklist…

Portable Stove: If you are hiking/camping, then this obviously needs to be on your backpacking equipment list. I have a pocket-rocket which serves me well – check out my post on the top backpacking stoves to find out if you really need a stove for your travels.

Sleeping pad and sleeping bag: Klymit make the best value sleeping pads. Check out my post on the best sleeping pads to take backpacking. If you are hiking and camping a lot, this is obviously a must when it comes to your backpacking equipment list – without a sleeping pad you will get seriously cold.

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I’ve been around the world a handful of times. My recommendations come with ten years of travel blood, sweat, and tears so have a proper read over this backpacking checklist and heed my advice, pack light but be sure to pack the things you need for your own travel style…

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