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Canada has resellers and wholesale. Resellers don’t have their own equipment, and just resell large ISPs services. Wholesale will own their own equipment, and provide their own transit out of the large ISP’s network. This prevents duplication of ‘last mile’ infrastructure. Note many wholesale companies wholesale DSL and Cable across the country from various large ISPs, so everything is based on the larger ISP they’re whole-selling.

T-Systems is the Tier 1 provider for Germany and they either manually throttle all BitTorrent characteristic traffic (encrypted or not) by throttling all traffic for the entire PPPoE session within 5 minutes after connections have been established or they have a constantly recurring overloading problem at their gateways and routers (which 5 gases that come from car emissions according to MaxMind GeoIP are in the Netherlands, curiously), the extremes at which is throttled vary but are usually between 100kbps and 500kbps, with the effects much more severe if BitTorrent mainlineDHT is in use, IPv6 over a 6to4 tunnel is transferring data or the more active TCP connections you have or if UDP connections are used. This is evidenced by the fact that the download speed is much higher shortly after start, than it is after said 5 minute window (this includes a parallel running FTP or HTTP transfer), even though the number and bandwidth available through remote test hosts far exceeds the badwidth available for the local host. If BitTorrent traffic stops on the session, it can take up to 15 minutes but bandwidth will return to normal state (via HTTP and FTP). Bandwidth will also return to the normal state if the PPPoE connection on a DSL router is severed and reinitialized.

Mitigating the problem: Use encryption level 4 (has no real effect, but will prevent them from finding a new shaping method too quickly), set outgoing connections to a fixed source port ( Tools – Options – Connection – Advanced Network Settings – Bind to local Port) which is different from your incoming port (this will only work on Windows 2000 and newer or Linux based operating systems). Do not forward this port in your NAT device or firewall to prevent rogue clients or man in the middle devices from sending packets to it.

J:COM (Zaq) Ultra 160M, Osaka area. Throttling speeds on all P2P connections only on their 160M plan. 60Kbyte/s – 70Kbyte/s down speed. HTTP / FTP downloads 8 – 12 Mbyte/s. 40M connection plan seems to be unaffected. This is not e payment electricity bill maharashtra stipulated in their contract and thus a change of ISP with an early termination of contract can be obtained without penalty as a result of their own restrictions being placed on a connection without notice. When arranging the change of ISP, remember to argue the point that it is not stated in the contract and that you took out this connection under the belief that you were receiving and unconditional 160M connection . Do not budge on it.

In 2011,Malaysia goverment release the statement that force ISP to block 10 file sharing site including Pirate Bay and Filestube. This action has make all people that use this ISP in Malaysia make a protest due to this action. International group, Anonymous make respond to this block and attack some of Malaysia site and join by some of local hacker group DragonForce. After that,Anonymous release a method to all Malaysia about technique to bypass this block using method that call Google DNS. Malaysia ISP also limit P2P using technique call Traffic Shaping that don’t allow Malaysia people to download file from other country using P2P method due to bandwitch reason.

In 2015 UPC and Ziggo have merged. Ziggo is now the biggest internet service provider in the Netherlands and owned by Liberty Global electricity lesson plans for 5th grade The merger of the UPC and Ziggo into one network provider has caused a lot of complications. Almost 40% of the customers in the Netherlands are reporting problems with Ziggo alles in 1 packages. This means that a quarter of the subscribers does have problems. Ziggo reported that they are working on the issues and that they will solve the problems. The cable market in the Netherlands is made up for several small regional and more than 15 town based players.If you want to subscribe to one of them, you will find a complete overview of Dutch ISPs on several dutch websites. Through the postcodecheck you can see which providers are available on your postalcode and housenumber. On 22.2.2016 Liberty Global announced that Ziggo will merge with Vodafone. Vodafone is available via fiberglass. The availability of fiberglass in the Netherlands you can check also check on this website. Meanwhile Ziggo and Vodafone have been merged but Vodafone is not active anymore as ISP.

• UK Telecoms Market Data Tables update for 2014 has revealed that the United Kingdom is now home to a total of 22,808,000 fixed line residential and small business broadband ISP connections (excluding corporate lines), which is up by +1% on the previous quarter. Meanwhile more fixed phone line customers are going mobile, Also the report reveals that there are now a total electricity and magnetism of 32.99 million fixed phone lines.

• 55% of home internet in the United Kingdom is connected via ADSL/ADSL+2 However generally 85% of properties will see their street cabinet enabled for FTTC/FTTP on there exchange, UK has £2.5 billion to invest in the technology which will allow them to reach two thirds of the country by the end of 2014 so therefore ADSL/ADSL+2 would get replaced with one of the following FTTC/FTTP/FTTH.

• 32% of home internet in the United Kingdom is connected via a Virgin Media (Cable Modems), What has download speeds of up to 152Mbps and upload speed of 12Mbps, The lowest is package is 50Mbps Download and 3Mbps upload, Please see Note 16 as this is not a great ISP – There is another company that uses the same technology is smallworld but im not sure on the info on this ISP.

• Note 4: ResNets, large Local Area Networks or Metropolitan Area Networks serving the personal computers of students in their residence halls or dormitory buildings on various university campuses, have no common governing body and hence have different policies on file sharing. The listed problems are those that are most frequently reported by Azureus users from different ResNet networks.

• Note 11: The Motorola 2210-02-1ATT DSL modem (and gaz 67b tamiya 1 35 probably also the other DSL modems that work with U-verse ADSL2+ HSI) does not have a bridge mode and is apparently overwhelmed by the different number of nodes communicating with your PC over DHT. Disable DHT as a work-around, and possibly also reduce the total number of connection allowed by your BitTorrent client to 100 or so.

• Note 12: Suddenlink secretly send a config file to your modem to slow/throttle your connection if you go over 1Gb download, this is denied by Suddenlink’s customer services, however a Suddenlink Technician who was annoyed at Suddenlink’s practices showed me on his smartphone display to prove I was not having a technical issue, showing all my traffic Red = Bad (Auto Restriction) Amber = Borderline (watched) Green = OK (No action needed)

• Note 14: Although they claim that they throttle BitTorrent to 300 kbps downstream and 100 kbps upstream on their traffic management page, I’ve noticed no throttling at any time of the day on Xplornet’s EORN fixed wireless networks. Just watch them caps. UPD: According to this tweet from Xplornet Support on Twitter, they don’t actually enforce their caps on wireless. Happy downloading!

• Note 16: Virgin Media (Cable Modem) Broadband users; If on 30Mbit or above services you will only ever be traffic managed if your uploading a very large amount of data during peak times and will be reached the limit set for your gas in babies broadband package, For example a user uploads 2.25GB they get about 6Mbps upload speed what is 50% off 12Mbps for 1 hour, If they still upload 300GB they would get reduced to 4Mbps 65% off 12Mbps for 2 hours. However! On the Virgin Media traffic policy it state that avoid downloading between the hours of 11AM to 11PM even on a weekends and weekday avoid traffic policy. More info see;

• Note 20: TalkTalk Fibre (take note) has a default speed of 2Mb upload speed and has there own equipment at BT Exchange however they shared the Openreach DLM for Fibre, No dos it not have any type of throttling! You can request for up to 20Mb upload depends on how fair/good you BT line is. If you are on ADSL+2 side has upto 658Kbps upload again depending on how good the phone line is.

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