Baka-updates manga – horimiya electricity experiments for 4th graders


I agree with previous reviews that this manga may be going downhill or that these mini chapters are getting really annoying. Maybe it’s all in preparation for some grand ending or something, I don’t know. However, I decided to reread the manga from the beginning up to where it was and I cried so many times. The relationships and they way the story is played out is simply beautiful. This manga does such a good job portraying all the personalities and feelings of each character that it takes my breath away.The mangaka does a truly wonderful job in tying in all the characters’ stories and relationships along with everyday problems and comedy. I love how during the serious moments of Horimiya, you can sense it amongst the characters’ expressions and body language (i.e when souta found out they had sex or when miyamura proposes on the snowy day) and the art depicts it so amazingly well. These chapters reminded me exactly why everyone is so drawn to this manga in the first place. I hope that the mangaka will be able to return to depicting our favorite couple the way he always has been and this manga will go down in history with its previous glory.

Horimiya started out as a rather serious manga with comedic elements that explored people’s images versus their true selves. Over time, it’s shifted its focus; it’s now mainly comedic with the occasional serious moment. The blurb isn’t accurate at this point anymore; Horimiya is a manga, which shows glimpses into the characters’ lives, how they deal with their relationships (whether it be romantic or friendship or family), how they figure out themselves and their feelings. The focus on comedic elements, however, leads to the characters becoming caricatures of themselves and many events/incidents which are unrealistic, though often funny to read about.

I personally don’t find the change to be a bad thing. It’s become a light-hearted manga with funny reoccuring jokes. I do wish sometimes that it had more of the serious moments; the relationships between the characters are so interesting, and sometimes its left to the wayside in favor of comedy. I like how comfortable all these characters are with each other. Hori and Miyamura understand each other so well and because of that, there’s no cliche drama. There aren’t evil exes or love triangles. It’s just about their everyday lives and relationships.

A couple of commenters are talking about the chapter in which Hori and Miyamura have sex. Readers found it unexpected, partly due to the fact that the manga had shown little physical interaction between the two before. (I’m not sure if they had been shown kissing yet) But Horimiya is a very subtle work. The deep connection between Hori and Miyamura had already been established. I understood how close they were, and I didn’t need to see their physical interactions to know this. I had even forgotten that they had really kissed because of how close I knew they were. Sex was a milestone in their relationship that the author wanted to portray, maybe to show a shift in their connection.

I think its important to mention that when I read Horimiya, and I read it as glimpses into these characters lives. We don’t get everyday shows of their lives nor do we see all the little moments that make up their day. Unlike many other romance manga, there isn’t an overarching plot, no obvious hurdles that the characters need to overcome. They deal with issues as they come while generally living out their high school days peacefully. And that’s the beauty of this manga. It’s simplistic, but outrageous.

Now, I love this story- it’s funny, cute, and lacks the annoying drama that overwhelms other manga with similar story lines. If you’re looking to read a story with secret identities that take on the presence of Misaki’s in Maid Sama, you won’t find it here. These traits the MCs want to keep hidden are the premise for a funny comedy with a little bit of romance sprinkled in. The description above, with the focus on the true versus false personalities/traits is just the start of this manga. Once the MCs are able to accept these things about themselves, the manga just turns into a honest-to-goodness fantastic slice of life/school days comedy that I cannot get enough of. If you’re up for a lightheated rom com to take a break from the drama filled manga of today, this is your cup of tea.

Side note, the only other thing one should take into account (besides the not focused on personalities thing) is that when I realized this was labeled shonen, I laughed. This is so typically shojo I was blown away that you could see it as a shonen. Not saying that boys shouldn’t read it- I think you’d love it- but its very shojoy.