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It had a really interesting premise. There was world building, decent-to-okay magic system and the plot was solid in the earlier parts but there were so many holes. Plot holes upon holes upon holes! I think halfway through or maybe about a third way in the author was pandering to the sounds of money rushing in.

I was expecting a more mature way of addressing the problems the MC was facing each time, with mapped out solutions that we can follow through and get the readers excited about but more often than not we get insta-answers were written. -_- WHAM BAM! Problem solved! Not even disguising how incredibly lazy some resolutions were! It was so irritating to see what could have made a great character development to a mediocre good-guy-always-wins MC trope. It was such a let down.

Seriously. This was one of the VERY, VERY few harem light novels that I could actually swallow. (Maybe only 4?) I hate everything harem especially when it’s just there to feed the fantasies of frustrated, horny teenagers and fool everyone else into thinking it’s popular because of its writing. Hell no. I wanted to quit at 60% and was procrastinating reading it. I had to set up a reading schedule just so I can say "I finished it! I finished it so I can make an honest, decent review about it!"

I’m giving this a 5.5 or maybe a 6. I don’t know. I hated how the harem grew so quickly and so, SO illogically. Oh? MC thinks that girl is pretty, too? They shared something that he didn’t share with the other(s)? That’s okay! I’ll have them in my harem! Why not! I’ve been lonely for so long and girls have shunned me left and right I’m sure my readers will agree that women are quite agreeable with multiple partners know. I’m OP and all that.

Frankly I was pretty excited to read this series when I first heard about it, since I had seen it recommended quite a few times and most of the reviews were positively glowing. However I have to say I just don’t understand what everyone sees in this story. It’s not very exciting, suspenseful, romantic or even well written. In fact I suspect that this story only got popular because it’s pretty much the epitome of wish-fulfillment. I mean our main character is basically the best ever at magic, has multiple people mentioning how brilliant he is all the time and of course charms his harem with only some minor hiccups along the way.

Now you might think I completely hate this story but it’s not all bad. Even though the story isn’t very well written it does flow pretty good at least, very few times was I bored or just wishing for the author to move things along. There’s also moments with the side characters where you can see that they’re slightly deeper than you thought they were, though ultimately not by much.

This series is alright if you just wanna read about the main character getting stupid powerful, boning chicks and I guess doing some sorta plot stuff. If you’re looking for an engaging story or romance you might be interested after a while but you have to slog through a lot of junk first.

Oh and quick point, the guy who posted the review after me was obviously upset that I negatively reviewed a series he enjoys. He insists that if "you don’t get to the plot twist, you can’t complain" but here’s the thing: I actually DID reach the plot twist. And I still think it sucks. I don’t know what people are smoking when they say stuff like "sure each INDIVIDUAL piece sucks but it’s good overall", no the whole thing isn’t very good, AND each individual part sucks. I sincerely don’t know how a plot twist is supposed to redeem multiple books full of bad decisions, I guess some people will think anything is good.

It’s following the recent trend of reincarnation/transportation to a fantasy world, which some people are getting tired of, but this one is definitely worth the read. The MC is pretty OP, but the only reason is because of all the magical power he has, and he had to work hard to get that much, and it can be done by other residents. Another plus is that there isn’t a game system where it shows his level and titles and whatnot. There is an adventurers guild with a ranking system which is a good point.

The characters are nice and fleshed out, you have a nice variety that don’t get stale. The MC himself is a bit of a pervert, but he works hard to better himself in the new world and acts pretty selflessly, but isn’t completely altruistic. He makes plenty of friends and allies, he also has his fair share of friends-turned-enemies and enemies-turned-friends that adds some spice to the plot. Also, slight spoiler, this is one of the few series I’ve seen where the MC actually makes a harem and goes all the way with them, and he has kids with all of them.

The universe itself is pretty in depth, the backstory is nice as well, the author even provided a map so you can know what the world looks like. Since the story takes place in about 22 years of the MC’s life he visits almost every corner of the world so its pretty interesting.

And it has a kind of rags to riches theme that I’m particularly fond of. In the beginning he starts well off, but because of an incident he’s left stranded in one of the most dangerous places in the world with nothing but his staff and traveling companions. By the end of the story he turns into a wealthy and influential figure.