Baka-updates manga – no. 6 electricity in costa rica for travelers


It looks heterosexual boy + woman, and it works 100% as such. Heck, it’d even look believable as an oneesama/senpai yuri crush… but the text says otherwise, for no apparent purpose, it’s either BL or a bromance between a het boy and a more mature transvestite?? These premises don’t even really work, because characters never seem to give even a moment’s thought to neither their crushes’ gender – yet also never mention or think of orientation/inconvenience/whatever when hit on by females.

AND!: 20 chapters in, nobody has done the dirty or had any introspection around confusing desires or shifts in gender/orientation identity. nor professed any surprise at sexual advances from an "unexpected" direction from random episodic characters, either, not even giving it any thought

READS like scifi with a background theme of romantic love starting to bloom between barely-pubescent male kid and an adult female that takes him under her wing, initially to repay a "debt" of a rescue when both were still kids… translator could’ve swapped it as such and not one reader would’ve ever thought otherwise. It’s 100% het-looking stuff that makes perfect sense as het, but is for some reason claimed to be shounen-ai..

…heck, it COULD even be more feasibly rebranded into yuri (even the confusion of the younger protagonist over just about the only clearly-female&identified-as-such sudden request for sex before study abroad parts them would suddenly seem more realistic)

Wow, first to comment. First of all, this manga is simply amazing. The plot feels real with a sci-fi feel to it, the art is great and very eye-appealing (especially Nezumi XD), and the relationship between characters feels so true and heart-warming. I love the relationship between Shion and Nezumi. Some say it’s BL and some say it’s friendship. I don’t have enough to judge but I must say that if it is friendship (because the romance element is currently pretty close to zero in the beggining chapters), their bond is strong, built on trust and respect for each other. It’s beautiful seeing the two interact with one another. They truly need each other. Their relationship was also given time to develope. I like that. It’s not just a sudden developement. There was something else there that makes their relationship seem complete, not empty. The charatcers themselves also felt very developed. None of them feels flat. They feel like individuals. Through their actions, instead of words, you can tell their hobbies and personalities. They facsinate me. The plot was also really good. I really liked how the sci-fi element was elegently incorporated without becomming too obvious. There was some really graet action (which I don’t usually like but this is an exception) and it kept me anxious and at the edge of my seat the whole time. Even in the most carefree parts of the plot, you can still feel the tension underlayed in the characters and the tone of the manga and their surroundings. It’s like everyone is holding their breaths. Overall, I feel completly satisfied. Two thumbs up for such a rare find in today’s mangas I definatly will keep following this series. I can’t wait to see further developements in the plot and characters.