Ball state students serve as 500 festival princesses for 2019 ball state daily static electricity diagram


A: As a junior, I have really hit this point in my college career where my mentality changed. I kept telling myself that the worst thing anyone can say is “No.” If I don’t keep pushing gas mask bong how to use myself, I will lose the moments that could have really changed my life, and I didn’t want to lose this one. This competition has always been at the back of my mind, and this year I just decided to go for it. It ended up working out in the best way possible.

A: I really want to incorporate the Indiana School for the Deaf, ISD, into the program. The school is actually located right behind the Indianapolis fairgrounds, so they are so close, but they don’t get these experiences. I would like to set up a mobile lesson, which would gas upper back pain bring a pace car to the school, and I would teach them like a regular class. It has never been done before, and the language barrier is a challenge, but I hope it will work out.

A: I would say the power of a tiara is strong no matter what age you are. Little girls never fail to ask how I got my crown, if I had to win a pageant to become a princess. I love being able to respond and say it’s because of all the hard work I’ve done in college. It’s because of how much volunteering I do for my community. It’s because I try to do what’s right. I didn’t have to win a beauty contest; I just had to work hard and be me.

A: I applied to be a princess mostly because I liked the gas 6 weeks pregnant idea of what the festival was promoting. I’m really big into community service and connecting with communities, which directly connects to my major, journalism. Plus, I knew someone who had done it before, and she said it was one of the best experiences of her life. So I thought, why not?

A: With my platform, I really wanted to have a concrete theme that I could focus on and impact electricity transmission costs people with. I created my own initiative called the Dream it, Do it initiative where I plan to go to as many classrooms as possible and talk to them about not only the Princess Program but the steps to a successful life — whether that be having courage, being kind or looking out for yourself and your friends. I plan on integrating groups of children into that as well, such as Boys and Girls Clubs. To me, children are the future and we need to make sure we cultivate their minds.

A: I think the most difficult gas city indiana zip code part of being a princess would be the fear of missing out on certain things. We all have mandatory events we have to attend, but for most of March and April, we’re spread across the state. There are other events we have the option of going to, but sadly, almost half of us won’t be able to attend those because we go to college kind of far from Indianapolis. But that’s all made up for by creating your own outreaches and connecting to your local community.

A: I think the thing I enjoy the most about being a princess is the impact you have on the state of Indiana and the people in it. Kids look up to you, and people want to hear what you have to say because they know you truly care and most likely know what you’re talking about. You get to use gas exchange in the lungs takes place in the a platform to create unity among an entire state. Like, who else gets to do that?