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“We have a very unskilled labor force,” Councilman Jim Kraft told Dunn. O gastronomo “It’s easy to get rid of those people, and easy to change those jobs from full-time jobs to part-time jobs.”

Others argue that Baltimore’s proposed hike is “dramatic but not unprecedented.” The Economic Policy Institute’s David Cooper said that Santa Fe, N.M., raised its hourly minimum by 65 percent, to $8.50, in 2004. Gas in texas “Cooper said the concerns voiced then were similar to those raised about Baltimore’s bill, but have not materialized in Santa Fe. Electricity vampires The unemployment rate there fell by about a percentage point in the three years after the hike, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and per capita income increased slightly during that same time period, according to the U.S. Electricity and magnetism ppt Department of Commerce.”

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— JPMORGAN BEHIND THE CURVE?: JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon won plaudits last week when he announced his bank would raise the wages of its lowest earners to $12 an hour in the next three years. Gas prices going up 2016 Dimon announced the raises in a much-discussed New York Times op-ed, saying it was “the right thing to do. Electricity generation by source Wages for many Americans have gone nowhere for too long.”

But a new report from Reuters suggests that Dimon is lagging two JPMorgan competitors. Gas in oil pressure washer Wells Fargo Chief Financial Officer John Shrewsberry told Reuters’ Dan Freed that the bank already pays its lowest-ranked employees $12 to $16.50 an hour. Origin electricity login Citigroup, meanwhile, “pays U.S. British gas jokes tellers an average of more than $15.50 an hour, with new and junior staff earning a minimum of about $13 an hour,” Freed writes, citing a company spokesperson. Power vocabulary words

— MIZZOU HEARS PREEMPTION CHALLENGE: The Missouri Supreme Court agreed to review whether the state government drafted properly a state law prohibiting cities from enacting minimum wage increases. Y gasset The court will determine whether a county court erred erred in invalidating a petition to place a $15 hourly wage minimum on Kansas City’s 2015 ballot. 5 gases that come from car emissions The county court cited the preemption law in knocking down the petition.

But “the appeal argues that there were problems with the General Assembly’s drafting of that Missouri law and with a previous state law that also limited local control over the setting of the minimum wage,” the Kansas City Star’s Lynn Horsley writes. Gas in back shoulder

— LAWSUITS CHALLENGE AZ BALLOT MEASURE: Lawsuits filed in Maricopa County, Az., are challenging ballot initiatives to raise the state’s minimum wage and cap pay for hospital executives, the A.P.’s Bob Christie reports. Power definition physics electricity The suits may be last ditch efforts to kill the measures. Electricity test physics Both have earned more than 150,000 signatures, meaning they will likely qualify for the ballot. Electricity in india voltage

PORT TRUCK DRIVERS WIN $5 MILLION SETTLEMENT: The bankrupt trucking company QTS will pay $5 million to settle a lawsuit alleging it misclassified hundreds of port truck drivers at the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports. Gas near me now “Two activist groups had sued QTS Inc., its related companies, and trustees for the owners, alleging the drivers were not classified as employees so the companies could avoid taxes and drivers would have to pay for truck maintenance, gas and insurance,” the A.P.’s Robert Jablon reports.

“If approved by a judge next month, the settlement would apply to nearly 400 truckers, mainly Korean-Americans and Latino immigrants, according to a statement from the Wage Justice Center and Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Los Angeles.”

WALMART SETTLES WITH DUKES PLAINTIFFS: Five years after the Supreme Court, in Dukes v. Gas pump emoji Wal-Mart , blocked a nationwide class action accusing the retailer of sex bias on behalf of 1.6 women workers, the five named plaintiffs reached a confidential settlement with the company, according to a court filing. Gas in oil tank Several other plaintiffs promptly intervened to block court approval of the settlement, saying it would kill their chances to challenge adverse rulings that followed the Dukes decision.

“The proposed interveners seek to certify three classes of female employees who worked at 202 Wal-Marts and 73 Sam’s Clubs in three corporate regions covering California and its neighboring states,” Courthouse News’ Nicholos Iovino reports. Npower electricity meter reading “According to their proposed complaint in intervention, 65 to 87 percent of Wal Mart and Sam’s Club stores in those three corporate regions pay women less compared to similarly situated men.”

— GRAD SCHOOL SHOWDOWN: The Ivies are bracing for an August decision from the National Labor Relations Board that may allow graduate student teaching assistants to organize unions. Electricity per kwh calculator As we’ve noted before, every Ivy League university and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology wants the board to keep in place its 2004 decision in Brown University, which prohibited grad student unions. K electric share price forecast “The worry is less about compensation benefits and economic issues and more about work-rule issues,” the American Council on Education’s Peter McDonough told the Wall Street Journal.

“The AFL-CIO, an umbrella organization for dozens of unions, says the 2004 decision should be overturned because graduate assistants provide ‘essential’ services for universities,” the Journal’s Melanie Trotman writes. Power outage houston zip code “An individual is an employee if the ‘individual acts, at least in part, to serve the interest of the employer.’”

— NOEL CANNING INFINITUM: The NLRB ruled Friday that the board’s regional directors were empowered to process union election proceedings when the board lacked a quorum due to recess appointments later voided by the Supreme Court in NLRB v. Electricity origin Noel Canning. Electricity in water The case, Hospital of Barstow, was on remand from the D.C. Electricity word search Circuit, which asked the board to consider the decision anew. Electricity experiments for preschoolers Full decision here:

GIVE A RAISE, WIN A CAR: More than a year after Gravity Payments CEO Dan Price raised his company’s wage floor to $70,000, his employees thanked him with a $70,000 Tesla.

Last week, Price posted a photo of the gift on Facebook, writing: “Shocked. Electricity and magnetism review Still in disbelief. Electricity bill nye Never imagined this was possible. O goshi Gravity employees saved up and pitched in over the past six months and bought me my dream car.” A company employee said that almost every one of the company’s 135 employees contributed to the gift, according to the Seattle Times’ Rachel Lerman. Electricity outage houston

ICYMI: WHITE HOUSE TAKES COLOMBIA LABOR COMPLAINT: The Obama administration accepted a petition from U.S. Gas vs electric stove and Colombian labor unions accusing the South American country of failing to enforce and enact labor laws as required under a 2007 free trade deal, according to a Federal Register notice posted Friday.

“We welcome this decision,” Cathy Feingold, the group’s director of international affairs, said in a statement. Gas news today “What’s tragic is that this complaint had to be filed at all. C gastritis der antrumschleimhaut Colombia has been out of compliance with its labor obligations since the day the agreement went into effect.”

The petition, filed in May, accuses Colombia of failing to enforce its labor laws and adopt new statutes and regulations protecting fundamental worker rights. Static electricity review worksheet It also alleges Colombia has not been transparent and expedient in its administrative and judicial decisions on labor rights.