Bands with a slight beatle-esque sound electricity transmission costs


of course, they were "mainstream" and maybe in the beginning that was all that they wanted of their music, but soon they began really making really great music and originality become more important (I would say in at least the time from a hard days night until abbey road) and in stead of them following the mainstream I think popular music just evolved around them. Many great progrock bands were influenced by the beatles, even today some of the new ones.

Its also interesting many later styles of music seem to have some early version in some of their songs, they made the first song that at least according to many sounded already like metal, also some of their more simple songs of heir last few year seem to foreshadow punk imo, and of course they were a very great part to the psychedelic genre in the widest form and I think many of their psychedelic music is still not surpassed by later bands.

also even in their earlier songs they use subtle but unusual modulations and even sometimes creative chords and just many things that hadn’t yet been done in rock n roll music (and isnt done now either in mainstream music). Also they have made songs with instruments that were strange to rock music in that time, and have made attemps to integrate musical things from totally other traditions like indian music.

most important about the beatles I think is that they really created their own personal style in every way. Although ringo might not have been the best drummer technically, no one can drum like he did. Same goes for the very personal solos of george harrisson instead of that fast boring so-called virtuosic **** you usually hear in rockmusic.

I wouldn’t say they made greater music than for instance Frank Zappa but they really were among the greatest bands of their time. I know many of the things I said here are my own opinion, but I think its very silly to even think you can compare them totally in an objective way (unless you really have some ground for it that I can’t think of obviously) and saying things like "it’s an illusion" if you think they were better than the jonas brothers are…

Maybe this might sound like Im offened, its not that, I havent listened to the beatles for at least over 2 years. But either you are just a big Jonas Brothers fan (why I guess you aren’t judging from your posts, if you are that’s fine, then I only hope you aren’t insulted by me not thinking them as good as the beatles) or you just don’t like beatles. And if you don’t like the beatles why would you post in an beatle thread? I mean unless their music or their name bring back bad memories to you to some trauma or they have done something to you or someone you know why would you even care about them or people liking them? The only thing this changes for you is that saying things like that might ruin it for people who are actually interested in the beatles but do not know them. I don’t really like stravinsky but I don’t post in a stravinsky thread "stravinsky sucks, even my cats compositions are better" (ok i exaggerate but still). I wouldn’t even look in such kind of thread unless I want to try again to broaden my horizon.

Yeah of course you may give your opinion, but people usually do when they are excited about something, or feel bad about something or whatever, I’m just tired of people having to judge and rate anything they can instead of just experiencing and enjoying what you do enjoy. This isn’t about the beatles (or even about you so I’m sorry because this may sound personal though its really not meant that way… it’s something Im personally tired of though so it is about me, people have just ruined many much more important things for me because they just couldn’t let me be). I might be wrong but to me it seems this thread is just for people that like the beatles who want to share music they think is similar, or at least for people interested in the beatles, because unlike them I can’t imagine (but it might be a lack of my imagination) you feeling any better after posting in thread.