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My biggest fear (aside from getting murdered lol) was that I would feel lonely and homesick, but I almost never had those thoughts – though I did at times wish I had someone with me to share the experiences. I have general anxiety and I only experienced real anxiety twice. Once when I was coming back to my airbnb around 11pm and couldn’t find the entrance to the apartment building and another when I couldn’t figure out the right train to take to get to the airport. Otherwise, I was feeling very stress-free and just free in general.

My favorite thing about travelling on my own was making all the choices. gaz 67 sprzedam I realized this advantage before actually travelling, but it really was cool. One day I got bored and just decided on a whim to uber to central station and take a train out to a new town. My favorite experience was biking through the tulip fields in Lisse, I suppose I could have done this with another person, but doing it independently made me feel so free.

My biggest "problem" with travelling alone was I was able to cover a LOT of ground on my own. I tend to be pretty quick and efficient, but when I don’t have anyone else to wait around for, I do everything extremely quickly. By my last full day I had pretty much nothing to do other than general wandering and got sort of… bored? Plus, I overexerted myself, walking 15-20 miles per day. gas x and pregnancy I thought three days in Amsterdam would hardly be enough, but if I had to do it all over again I probably would have done two days in Amsterdam and two days in Bruges. Now I know for next time! Does anyone else relate to this?

I have some really bad travel regret. Last month I took a trip all the way to South America – expensive and not in my comfort zone. Didn’t speak Spanish and had no experience travelling South America – my fault, I know. Someone I knew invited me initially but it turned into more of a solo trip. I was held hostage by a verbally abusive man and although I am not physically hurt, the effect on my mental health has been really difficult for me. It has also affected my heart and there were many times I thought I was going to have a heart attack. e85 gas stations florida This should probably go in a mental health sub but I wanted some comfort from other travellers who have had experiences like this. I don’t want it to destroy my future travel experiences. I often beat myself up about the cost or why I even went to a place that I wasn’t interested in and didn’t feel totally safe travelling around. I often think "what if I just picked somewhere else instead". I’m so grateful that I am alive and well but I often feel really guilty about it or bad about doing something like this to myself.

The van is an ex-rental 2010 Chrysler Town & Country from Jucy. The purple thing up top is a bed, the back seats also covert into a bed (so it sleeps 4), and the tailgate opens for access to the kitchen. gas zone pricing It’s a bit slow going up hill, and we’ve needed to replace both batteries, but it’s working better than expected. Yes, we know the colour…stands out…but it’s a bit fun too, though we may end up painting it at some point.

As for camping, we’ve only paid for a handful of nights in National Park campgrounds, with most nights being in Walmart/supermarket carparks, Casino carparks, and BLM/public land/National Forests. Our biggest expenses have been petrol (roughly about $30 USD per day) and food of course, but we still need to carefully look at how much we’re really spending. Broadly speaking, after buying the van and insurance, in this first month we’ve spent about US$5,850 between the two of us. This sounds like a lot but for our sanity we need to keep in mind that a fair chunk of this went into setting ourselves up in the van (sleeping bags, kitchen utensils etc), repairs to the van (batteries replaced, rooftop bed fixed after low clearance incident), and quite a few luxury items like $150 on a steak dinner in Vegas…

I fly into Auckland, New Zealand on August 28th this year. I plan to bring one 70L pack and one day pack on the plane with me. My plan at the moment is to stay in a hostel for a week or so while I can set up a a bank account and look for camper vans. electricity kwh usage calculator I want to purchase a self sustained camper van and travel all over the country. So far it seems like the Hi-Ace is the way to go (any suggestions?). I have about $30k saved up and I have set aside about 10k for my camper van.

This will be my first trip out of the US, my first real experience traveling solo, my first time really adventuring. gas kush Since I am flying into Auckland I plan on traveling slowly south through the country over the course of my year here. I plan to work a little in Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown in order to support extra activities like sky diving and bungee jumping (which I plan to do as much as I can)(Also another first).

I am nervous about traveling alone and what living in a a camper van will actually be like. I am also outrageously excited about it. I have two main goals for my year in New Zealand. First being to hike alllllll over the country and see as many of the gorgeous views as possible. The second is to form better habits and just try to live a more fulfilling life.

In August I’ll be moving from PA to Missoula for school. I’ve made roughly this drive twice before (once east to west starting in Harrisburg and once west to east), both times solo and both times in 4 days. I’m in a different car this time around and starting from a different spot, and I don’t necessarily want the stress that comes with back to back 600 mile driving days.

I’ll be taking I-76/I-80/I-90, which is the route I’ve taken before (I toyed with going through Iowa, Nebraska and Wyoming instead of Wisconsin, Minnesota and South Dakota, but multiple people have told me that drive through Nebraska is incredibly boring). gas nozzle keeps stopping It’s pretty straightforward but I like to get off I-90 around Spearfish SD and take Route 212 across the corner of Wyoming and into Montana (it meets back up with I-90 before Billings at the Crazy Horse monument).

The problem I’m running into as I plan my trip is that I know where I can stop if I want to make the trip in 4 days, but especially in South Dakota and Minnesota, I have no idea which highway towns are actual places that I can stop (like with hotels and restaurants) and which are just unincorporated areas on the map for address/mail purposes. My stops on the 4 day trip were South Bend IN, Albert Lea MN, and Spearfish SD. Ideally I’d like to keep my driving days under 450 miles each. Any advice would be much appreciated!

Hi! I’m 20M and going on my first solo trip in the beginning of July to Kazakhstan (and Kyrgyzstan). It’s not the most popular destination and from what I’ve seen not the easiest, but I reckon that it is still doable? My plan is to go visit Almaty for about a week (that’s where I depart and arrive also), Astana for a few days and hopefully a few days in Kyrgyzstan, probably around Bishkek. My main ways of transportation will be the train between Almaty and Astana, metro’s and buses in the cities and a marshrutka for the trip between Bishkek and Astana. I’ve already booked the flights, though I still have some questions:

• Does the itinerary seem reasonable? I intend to mostly walk around the cities and see some nice museums and historical buildings. For Bishkek and mostly Almaty I’d like to hike a bit in the nature surrounding the cities. la gasolina lyrics While I know that Kyrgyzstan is mostly famous for its nature and mountains, I don’t think it would be a good idea to do a multi-day trek on my first solo trip or something. Are there any destinations or sights I should really see?