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I am Lenbert Williams. I am the One Love Bus and I am the said Management Team. I wash the bus, repair the bus and buy the gas and curate great experiences for my patrons. This is my business and it is in my interest to make sure everyone has a great time. The nature of the tour and my bus is that some people will stand. You will meet dogs, cats, strays and other colorful examples of Jamaican life. Every group matters on the One Love Bus. Had you gastroparesis done your research, you would have had no issues with the tour. With regards to there electricity in salt water being persons standing, it is to be noted at that no time during the course of the tour did a member of your party stand. Seats are generally rotated when there is a full bus but your party did not understand this or were unwilling to participate. As well, the bus was only full towards the end when your party refused to get of the bus because of dogs and the groups had to be merged. With regards to drinking – I DO NOT DRINK ON OR OFF THE BUS. The fact that a drink appears to be rum and coke does not make it so. One love,

Reading the reviews one would think this would be something you have to do while visiting Negril. PLEASE DON’T….Although the concept is a great idea, the management gas bubble in chest and back team needs to learn how to remain professional. We only visited three bars because the driver just had to pick up another group of 20 to add to our group of 12 for a bus that sat 16. This to me became a safety issue and was of no concern of the driver. The one love bus crawl is a free shuttle, so yes tipping should be expected, however the definition of Gratuity is a sum of money given for GOOD SERVICE. Pick up was extremely late Didn’t finish the tour Standing room only Treated as less than Doesn’t scream good service so no tip was given. As I read a response from the gsa 2016 pay scale one love management team that says tip only if you truly enjoyed the experience…. makes me wonder why the driver became extremely unprofessional and argumentative and verbally abusive to everyone in our party when he didn’t get a tip because I didn’t enjoy my experience. Find a private driver to take you and skip this debacle.

I am Lenbert Williams. I am the One Love Bus and I am the said Management Team. I wash the bus, repair the bus and buy the gas and curate great experiences for my patrons. The nature of the tour and la gas prices average my bus is that some people will stand. If you are not into that, then don’t come on it. I arrived on time to your hotel to the main gate and you were not there. It was not until la t gastrobar opiniones I had passed when I realized you were at another gate. Pick up stops are timed so I had to get to the other stops and ultimately returned for you. When I did, I still waited up to 20 minutes for your group of 12 to load, as your party had scattered. This then, contracted the amount of time you would have had to go to all the 6 stops. Your group then asked for shopping and food stops, one of which gas hydrates was accommodated. (Note: this is a bar crawl.) You sometimes refused to exit the bus because of dogs! – street animals cannot be avoided in Negril. You also sometimes refused to exit the bus because you did not want to loose your seat. I ultimately had to join your group with the the other patrons because you refused to come of the bus at one of the stops because gas leak los angeles california of the dogs. You cannot have researched the nature of this tour as none of these things would have been issue if you had. It is not unreasonable for me to expect a tip as someone has to pay for my time and to contribute to make this sustainaible. If one or two persons comes off the bus and does not tip, it’s not a problem. If 12 people exit the bus and refuse to tip, and start complaining that they were treated less than, then excuse me if my language and attitude becomes a little colorful. One love,