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The Swing Hideaway has all the standard Hideaway features (Rock Wall, Firepole and Rope Net Ladder) plus a 9′ long angled beam over 2 Swings. electricity in homes The beam has a sawtooth strip on top to discourage kids from walking across, and an "A" frame at the end with a built-in bench seat. This "forest" color palette lets the Swing Hideaway blend in with the surroundings. Choose your own colors!

Robin Hood’s Fort with 2 Swings is our most popular 2-story fort! The Tower is 4.5′ x 4.5′ x 10′ high with 7′ deck height and playhouse below. The 9′ long bridge provides plenty of additional upper level play space. electricity sources in canada Besides 2 belt swings, kids have challenging fun with a rock climbing wall, stainless steel firepole, turbo tube slide, flagpole with 3 flags and, at the end of the bridge, a rope net ladder. Choose rope net railings in place of fortress railings for a more open style. Choose your own colors for no additional charge. For example, this color palette reflects the warm colors of the main house.

Robin Hood’s Fort with 3 Swings has an extra-long 12′ Bridge extending from the Fort to the Rope Net Ladder. The Bridge is long enough to attach 3 belt swings underneath allowing 3 kids to swing at the same time. electricity dance moms song All the other standard Robin Hood’s Fort features are still there: the Rock Climbing Wall, the Firepole, the Turbo Tube Slide and the Rope Net Ladder at the end of the long Bridge. n gas in paris lyrics ADD A PYRAMID ROOF for $3,100 or Gable Roof for $2,600. Choose your own color palette!

Octagon Tower sparks the imagination with a castle turret shape, crenellations, and rock climbing holds, plus 4 additional play features: Firepole, Turbo Tube Slide, Rung Ladder and Rope Net Ladder. The playhouse below comes with a curved-top Dutch front door, jailbar & shuttered windows, and interior bench over secret escape door. gas after eating pasta Order in the color palette of your choice!

Coyote Creek Outpost was auctioned at the Dreams Happen Gala Event in June, 2009. All proceeds were donated 100% to Rebuilding Together Peninsula (RTP). RTP builds volunteer partnerships to rehabilitate homes and community facilities for low-income homeowners and neighbors (seniors, disabled, or families) so they can live independently in warmth and safety.

Every 2 years, Rebuilding Together Peninsula partners with 15 local architects and Barbara Butler to create unique, one-of-a-kind, theme playhouses. These playhouses are displayed at the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, CA, for 3 weeks and then auctioned to the highest bidder during the "Dreams Happen" Gala event. 100% of the proceeds raised from auctioning the playhouses are donated to Rebuilding Together Peninsula, an organization that builds volunteer partnerships to rehabilitate homes & community facilities for low-income, elderly and/or disabled people. q gas station Barbara Butler Artist-Builder Inc. has participated in this wonderful playhouse auction for the past 10 years.

The Wild Oasis Playhouse was displayed at the Stanford Mall in Palo Alto, CA for 3 weeks along with 12 other exceptional playhouses designed & built by local Architects and Builders. On June 4th, 2005, the playhouses were auctioned at the Gala "Dreams Happen" event, with all proceeds donated to Rebuilding Together, a non-profit, non-denomoninational organization that builds volunteer partnerships to rehabilitate homes & community facilities of low-income, elderly and/or disabled neighbors so they can live in warmth, safety and independence. The Wild Oasis sold for $45,000 to one lucky high bidder! "Playhouses that unlock the imagination of children can make dreams happen for others." Visit for more information about this exceptional organization.

Fort Everything is so named because, as the client said, "It has everything"! Everything includes a wonderful 2-story Hexagon Tower with a 1′ bump-out of the 2nd story so that the Rock Climbing (on all 6 sides) is more challenging when climbing up and over. gas monkey monster truck hellcat Print the brochure for more details on this dynamic outdoor play structure (or click on Slideshow to see more pictures).

Count Rococo’s Castle will inspire everyone to play outside! Who could resist play acting at rescuing damsels in distress, fighting dragons, or being crowned King & Queen in this whimsical redwood play structure. The Count’s castle will also inspire lots of physical activity with four separate 2-story Towers, inside catwalks and lots of climbing.

It’s as if you looked through a kaleidoscope to see brilliant colors in beautiful patterns everywhere. gas apple pay The main 2-story fort has an attached 8′ Bridge-over-Monkey-Bars connected to (just turn the corner) a 9′ long Bridge-over-Swings. At the end of the 1st bridge you can choose a fast exit via the turbo tube slide. At the end of the 2nd bridge, climb down the Rope Net Ladder and scoot into the Garden Playhouse!