Barricade wrangler roof rack – textured black j100171 (87-95 wrangler yj) – free shipping gas unlimited houston texas


This Barricade roof rack is for those you that have a 1987 to 1995 YJ that are looking to add some additional storage space. Of course you know, your YJ is very small on the inside and if you’re looking to carry some larger items or you’re looking to add a roof rack basket, or even something really big like a kayak, a roof rack is a great way to do that. This roof rack from Barricade is going to be a little bit less expensive than some of the others out there, but is still going to be very functional and absolutely do everything you need it to do. This roof rack is going to install pretty easily onto your Jeep, definitely gonna be a one out of three wrench installation. Maybe a little closer to two hours because there are quite a few different pieces to put together, but it is still very straightforward and very easy to install.

Now there are gonna be other roof racks out there that are going to be a little bit more expensive, and some of those are going to be maybe a little bit sleeker looking, follow the lines of the Jeep a little bit nicer, they’re also going to have some more accessories that you can purchase that will bolt right onto that roof rack. So if that’s what you’re looking for and you have a higher budget, those options are out there. But like I said, this is going to save you some money versus some of those other ones and it’s still absolutely going to get the job done. This roof rack is made of two-inch, .12-inch wall thickness steel, it’s covered in a textured black powder-coat finish, everything is designed to slip-fit right together so you don’t have to drill anything in this installation. It will be a completely bolt-on install. This is going to attach to your windshield hinges up front as well as your door hinges, and in the back it’s going to bolt directly onto the frame using those bumper bolts, so again no drilling. Very, very simple bolt-on install.

So to get this installed the first step is going to be removing the Torx bolts that hold your windshield hinge together. That’s going to allow you to mount this upper section of your front bar, and then of course you’re also going to have to remove the Torx bolts that are holding the hinge of your door. That will allow you to mount these two plates onto the Jeep. You’re going to do that on both sides. Then you can work from the front to the back attaching the side bars. Finally working your way down to the area here where you’re going to bolt this lower bar onto your frame. That is going to use those bumper bolts to get attached. There are a couple of spacers here so if you do have a body lift on your Jeep you can add those spacers in. And finally, you’re going to attach your crossbars with the large thumbs screws. Now those crossbars can always be removed and reattached so that you can get your top up and down very easily without having to remove the entire top.

So like I said before, one out of three wrench installation, probably around two hours to get it done. This roof rack‘s going to run you right around $300 which I do think is going to be a pretty decent price for what you’re getting. Like I said before, there are roof racks out there that are more expensive, they have additional features, look a little bit sleeker, have more bolt-on accessories. This is going to be a little bit of a simpler rack but it’s still gonna get the job done and for $300, I think it is a fair price. So if you’re looking for a simple and easy to install roof rack for your YJ, I definitely recommend taking a look at this option from Barricade and you can find it right here at