Baselworld 2019 10 new watches that combine beauty and innovation – keyt electricity equations physics


This women’s watch is bound to steal the show this year gas 10 ethanol. In an email, MBF founder Max Büsser called his FlyingT one of the biggest creative risks of his life. This is not surprising given that designing and crafting a timepiece from the ground up expressly for female connoisseurs, while remaining true to one’s own brand identity, is perhaps the hardest and most daunting task a designer of men’s timepieces can assign himself.

Büsser stripped this watch’s complicated mechanics to the bare essentials and concentrated on elegance, expertly avoiding any trace of industry standards (in particular shrinking down a watch initially designed for a man). At 38.5 x 20 mm, this white gold kinetic artwork, with its gas 1981 complicated tourbillon mechanics on full view could easily be considered unisex.

If you wonder why you’re drawn to the second of Hublot’s wristwatch collaborations with tattoo artist Maxime Plescia-Büchi, look closer at the chiseled, three-dimensional hexagonal artwork on display. The hours and minutes are shown by geometrical skeletonized hands tipped by luminous material, while a chronograph (a stopwatch for the wrist) counts elapsed seconds (via the center hand) and minutes (at 3 o’clock).

This watch is available in a titanium gas bubble disease version limited to 200 pieces and an 18-karat gold version limited to 100 pieces. If you think it might be hard to read the time on this somewhat abstract dial, you could be right. But you might take pleasure in knowing that this 45 mm automatic watch’s raison d’être is to be the horological expression of a tattoo. Zenith Defy Inventor

Following on from the experimental watch Defy Lab, introduced n gas price to great fanfare in late 2017, Zenith has made its cutting-edge compliant movement technology available in a serial wristwatch. The new collection retains the interesting appearance introduced by Defy Lab, largely due to the use of the novel material Aeronith — the lightest aluminum composite in the world — which surrounds the dial opening.

Doing what it does best, Breitling continues to introduce interesting twists on the chronograph. The Swiss brand’s latest gadget celebrates its new partnership with British motorcycle maker Norton, and in doing so demonstrates a new flair for designing fashionable, modern watches with mechanical movements and a vintage bent. TAG Heuer Autavia Isograph

TAG Heuer looked to the past for the visual inspiration of its reborn Autavia line m gasol but forward for the new technology working inside it. We caught a first glimpse of it in January’s Carrera Calibre Heuer 02T Tourbillon Nanograph: carbon-composite components for more reliability and precision. Despite its futuristic insides, this 42 mm watch oozes vintage charm on the outside. Hautlence HL Sphere

The HL Sphere gets its name from the blue orb electricity 101 pdf hypnotically revolving to reveal the current hour; the minutes are shown to the right of it by a hand that progresses through a 60-minute arc before snapping back upon reaching 60 to start the fascinating dance all over again. Limited to 28 pieces, the watch is housed in a white gold case and is powered by a hand-wound movement. Urwerk UR-111C Black Cobra

A great example: Urwerk’s new UR-111C gas 1940 hopper, an automatic black-coated steel-and-titanium watch that displays the time linearly instead of circularly. Jam-packed with unique technical elements, its arresting visuals — which only display hours, minutes, and seconds — are surely what will grab you before anything else. It is available only in a limited edition of 25 pieces. Grand Seiko Spring Drive Manual Wind Elegance collection

The dial of this limited-edition watch is housed in a platinum case and features the Japanese giant’s celebrated Snowflake pattern, inspired by the beauty of the snow gas x while pregnant in the Shinsu region that surrounds the factory where it’s made. The silver finish of the dial complements the hand-carved elements on the platinum case. The limited run of 30 pieces is only available at Grand Seiko boutiques. Bulgari Octo Finissimo Chronograph GMT Automatic

In recent years, the Italian-Swiss maker has broken a number of records for the extreme thinness of its watches, and 2019’s Octo Finissimo Chronograph electricity and circuits test GMT Automatic continues the streak with the thinnest mechanical chronograph in watchmaking history — though it goes even further by incorporating automatic winding and a second time zone (GMT). Coming in at an über-svelte 6.9 mm in height, the octagonal titanium case measures 42 mm in diameter.