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I purchased the True Blue Tanning Spray and I too got a dead rotting body smell. Everything that was in the bathroom where I sprayed, towels, shower curtian, bath rug, walls had to be repainted, my clothing, my bed clothing, aprrox $500. worth of home goods had to be thrown away. And as with this other lady the smell in my hair which was not sprayed but what laid on my shoulders still has this dead body smell. When I complained they offered me a $50 gift card. REALLY?? They wanted everything that I had thrown away, all that stuff was garbage and was put out that day. Poor garbage man when he open the can. If that is all they have to offer they can keep it. I will get my money back from complaining on every social network I can find. Don’t buy this spray unless you like the smell of a dead body. I was in the rescue squad for years and unfortunately I had to smell this odor more than once but at least it went away when I left the room. I went to the beach a week later and the maid that cleaned the room had to throw the pillow away from the odor still in my hair. It has been two weeks now and I am still smelling this odor that is in my hair and still in the washing machine where we tried first to wash all the towels, clothes and bedding. So I feel like this is a true claim whether they have the items or not. And dumb [censor] me bought 9 cans of this crap. It did tan but the odor was difinitely not worth it. They just have no idea of the damage it caused me and my family. From now on it will be the real sun or I will just stay blinding white. I was spray tanned at the beach with no left over odor or damage so I know that it was not my body chemistry. True Blue Airbrush Tanning Spray is BAD! Dont but it, dont buy anything from that greedy company. Kev R

I just happened to come across this and I’m going to agree one hundred percent that there is something not right with the bath and body works wall flower plug ins. I was using them this winter 2017 and bought a few new wall flower plugs and I have been sick as a dog for the longest time. I have had repeated occurrences of headaches and a pain in the back of my throat. I had the worst sinus issues ever, getting up 5 to 6 times a night getting warm and cool compresses to calm my sinuses so that I could actually sleep by attempting to dull the headache pain that sometimes turned into migraines that I would have to fight off. When the bulbs ran out of oil a few weeks ago, I didn’t replace them and I have noticed that I feel much better. They also still use parabens and other chemicals I try to avoid in all of their lotions, bath gels so I don’t use any of that stuff. Several years back my mom broke out with a horrid rash on her hands and mine was almost as bad from the deep cleansing hand soap and it took a lot of money and doctor visits to get my mom’s hands under control. I haven’t noticed if the candles are a trigger, I will be brave to burn one I recently bought to find out, but if it does, all of that crap is going back to bath and body works ASAP.

Within the past 2-3 weeks I bought 3 different scents of the wall flowers from Bath & Body Works & this has been the most horrible experience of my life when it comes to my allergies. At first I thought it was something around my apartment complex considering that Spring is approaching, but when I’m at work I’m fine, but soon as I step foot it my apartment my nose gets real stuffy. I wake up with itchy throat, mucus around my eyes & my eyes are forever irritated & itchy. Allergy pills, vick’s rub, thera flu, just anything didn’t work. So I thought back on what was it that I recently bought in my apartment, because it’s something in there & sad to say because I LOVE the scents, it was the plug ins. When I went back to my original home town for a weekend, I didn’t have sinus issues like the ones I have in my apartment at all. Soon as I got back, they started again. So, this morning before leaving for work, I placed all 3 outside in my shed & will wash my bed sheets & Lysol my whole apartment to see if that is it. But I can guarantee 100% that that is what it is cause I never had an issue like this with my sinus to be like this 2-3 weeks straight.