Battery powered cordless electric snow blowers gas 0095


When looking for a snow blower, you will notice there are a variety of options. Your options include gas powered, electric, and battery powered machines. With these cordless blowers, you will enjoy the lightweight build and maneuverability in comparison to their counterparts. As gas powered blowers are not only heavy and loud, they also emit an excessive amount of carbon emissions that are comparable to that of a larger car.

The lightweight battery powered blowers, however, are eco-friendly with no carbon emissions. You will also enjoy the cordless aspect that allows you to move around freely without limit, while their corded electric counterparts often limit your distance and reachability. Not to mention, with cords, you are constantly detangling and moving the cord out of your way – running over your electric cord with the blower could be quite problematic. You’ll truly enjoy the simplicity of a battery blower without the hassle of cords or gas.

With different regions experiencing different winter climates, you should evaluate the typical snowfall in your area. Cordless blowers range in snow cut, but they usually cannot clear over ten inches of snow. If your area encounters thick, wet, slushy snow that stands over a foot, you may not have much luck with these blowers. These cordless blowers are more ideal for moderate snow conditions without excessive slush or ice.

When looking deeper into these snow blowers, you can determine the appropriate snow cut depth necessary for your needs. Some prefer to buy the larger snow cut as a precautionary measure, while others prefer to keep it simple and go with the minimal cut.

Another aspect to consider when buying your cordless blower is the battery life and charge duration. Consider how long you expect to be clearing snow, and also consider the size of the area you will be clearing. With varying durations, be sure to get a machine with a battery that will last long enough to complete your project. From 20 to 65-minute durations, there is a lot of battery variability from machine to machine.

You should also examine the snow chute prior to your purchase. If this is an important aspect to you, you should make sure the chute can propel the snow far enough out of your way. This is also dependent on your clearing size. The larger your clearing surface is, the further you will want the snow to go. With different functions among different chutes and blowers, you can even direct the direction you shoot the snow. This is ideal for many people, regardless of the project size.

Although most cordless snow blowers are rather compact and small, they still range in size and weight. There are many great battery powered machines on the market, and some are significantly easier to push around and move. With different sizes come different clearing widths as well.

The wider the machine is, the wider the clearing path will be when you remove the snow. With clearing widths that range from 18 inches to almost two feet, there are ample sizes and capabilities to choose from. Be sure that you look for a blower that is the appropriate size and weight for your needs.

When buying any new machine or power tool, you should definitely ensure a warranty is tacked on. With the average warranty for snow blowers ranging from two to four years, you can expect these machines to last for quite a few years. Warranties are not only protection for your purchase, but they are also the manufacturer’s guarantee of good performance. A machine with a good warranty is a machine that its manufacturer has faith in.

When looking for your snow blower, be sure to check out the auger on your machine. Because most homeowners use their snow blowers on driveways, patios, or decks, it is important to look for a blower that will not cause damage to these surfaces. Most augers will either be a tough rubber or plastic. Therefore they will not damage your surfaces. If you come across a steel or other metal auger, you will have to be extra cautious to avoid any scratches or chips in your paved areas.

Almost anyone can use this machine, as it is very user-friendly and lightweight. From light snow dustings to medium-deep snow accumulation, this snow blower can handle up to 8-inch deep snow. Therefore if your area gets decent amounts of snow without extreme accumulation, you might enjoy this blower.

Weighing in at almost 32 pounds, this is a lightweight and compact machine that can be operated by individuals of any strength. With an 18-inch wide clearing path, the machine is more apt to a shorter turning radius and taking up less space in your garage.

You will also enjoy the adjustable handle height that allows you to push this machine comfortably without straining or aching. Also, the LED headlight that is incorporated into this machine will help illuminate your path and work area when there isn’t any natural light available.

Getting the job done is easy with this machine. With about 50 minutes of operation, this machine can clear over 24,000 pounds of snow in one single charge. With the electric rotating chute and easy to reach controls, there is no need to pause your work to direct the snow disposal.

This powerful machine can be used by the typical homeowner with lighter amounts of snow and even suit those with heftier jobs to complete. As it can move larger amounts of snow and run for a longer duration of time, this blower can be used for both home use and commercial use. It still has a snow cut of 8 inches like the original iON, and shouldn’t be used in areas with slush or excessive snow and ice. If your area gets light to moderate amounts of pure snow, this snow blower might be your ideal match.

This electric blower is also lightweight weighing just 36 pounds. As someone of any strength can easily push this blower, it is also slightly self-propelled with the rotating auger. With the unique “all terrain” wheels, you will also have an easier experience pushing this blower through tougher and thicker areas of snow.

Both big and small snow clearing jobs can be done effortlessly with the iON PRO. It is capable of moving substantial amounts of snow quickly and easily. Moving 660 pounds of snow per minute, you can clear even the largest areas quickly, and within one charge as well. Because the battery in this blower is able to run for 65 minutes, you can work on these larger projects without stopping or pausing to charge.