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It does correspond to a lot of info we have. All the really ancient explanations we have from the earliest civilizations say a guy with scales taught us everything. In most representations of him he’s carrying what looks like a handbag but it could also be a laptop. I tend to think it’s laptop as it’s significant it’s in a lot of pictures. I can’t see the ancients being interested in a handbag but a laptop with all the knowledge of an advanced civilization in it that would be significant enough to always include in the picture. It could also be a combined computer nano-assembler. Put dirt in it and out comes finished articles, chemicals, drugs, whatever. It’s not beyond what could eventually be done.

There’s also some other interesting info that coincides with a massive war. Mars has a spectrum of gasses and trace elements on it that is if a massive nuclear strike wiped out whole continents. This is according to a former NASA engineer who wrote a book about it. Of course he could be setting us up for the GMO humans that attack the Earth and “we have to all come together as one government to fight off the aliens”…snicker.

I find the reptilian mythology fascinating for one reason. There are people who claim to have seen humans “shapeshift” into reptilian figures. They so ardently believe what they saw that they deduce those humans are a reptilian species which can interbreed with humans, and which is highly advanced enough to have a technology to make themselves appear human, but that seems unlikely to me, from a biological perspective. But their observations do oddly intermingle well with another anecdotal case study.

M Scott Peck was a psychiatrist who was very well respected, and in huge demand as a public speaker and author. He was one of the shrinks who the church approached to screen candidates for exorcism. Eventually he did a few exorcisms himself, under the tutelage of Malachi Martin. In one, he had six or seven people present to restrain the possessed victim, and all but one of the people were adamant afterward, that when the Demon emerged, the woman’s face shape shifted into a scaly-skinned reptilian, snake-like face, totally unlike anything human, complete with hooded eyes that had slit irises.

If it was just him saying weird things happened during exorcisms, or if it was just the ardently religious believers, I would be much more skeptical, but they have psychiatrists who have gone in as skeptics, even Harvard-trained ones, and they came out saying they had no idea what was going on but there was no rational, physical explanation for the things they saw. Given many physicists say that there is as much as 94% of the universe they detect through inference, but cannot observe, who knows what is possible and what is not? What we see may only be 4% of what is around us.

If we find out people like Hillary were going into organized rituals, seeking out demons, and if regular people going about their life could casually open a door accidently, and end up possessed, by something sentient, evil, and powerful enough to be capable of violating the laws of physics, then I think you have to entertain at least the possibility Satan may actually have ruled on this earth, through the very governments we pledged allegiance to.

That there are some saying they have seen the same unique thing among elites that an exorcist reported in an exorcism, who knows? We are knowingly sabotaging the most beautiful and advanced civilization with actions that transcend the grossest stupidity and head well into pure embrace of evil.

Rabbits are r-strategists, designed to exploit free resources, like fields of grass. The five psychological traits inherent to the r-strategy are docility/conflict-avoidance, promiscuity/non-monogamy, single-mom’ing, early sexualization of young, and no loyalty to a competitive in-group. All help this glut-exploiting psychology to out-reproduce everyone else by avoiding danger, mating widely starting young, booting offspring early to mate again, and never risking for others .

Wolves are K-strategists, designed for when resources are too limited for everyone to survive. The five traits of a K-strategist are competitiveness/ aggressiveness/protectiveness, competitive mate monopolization/ monogamy, high-investment two-parent rearing, only mating when mature, and high loyalty to one’s competitive in-group. All these traits either help you win when you have to fight, or produce and protect fitter offspring, so they will win in a dangerous world that culls the weak.

Our political battle is one between a glut-exploiting r-reproductive strategy of rabbits designed to produce raw numbers and a shortage-surviving K-reproductive strategy of wolves designed to produce quality. The swings between conservatism and liberalism at the societal level are not the result of logical argument or reasoned debate. They are the result of psychological shifts produced by perceptions of K-stimuli in the environment such as conflict, danger, and shortage, or r-stimuli, such as safety, pleasure, and abundance. These perceptions trigger ancient mechanisms in the brain that adapt psychology to environment. All of politics and much of history are r vs K.

Please consider helping to spread this theory by telling others about this site. As you can see by the shocked 5 star reviews on the book’s Amazon page linked above, this idea, and the science behind it, blows people away when they see it. And best of all, it will utterly demoralize and crush any leftist you describe it to, in unbelievable fashion. This idea’s beneficial effects on our governance and our freedom cannot be overestimated, if it can only spread.