Bay area wolf street readers meetup in san francisco wolf street static electricity zap


ALEX!–you get off this thing and talk to us in real life or i will think that you are electricity vs gasoline one of those bored eternally online living trolly guys with an agenda! NO! i’m more romantic and idealistic to think anyone who knows it’s a good idea to leave a contractor hat in a van you’re living in to be left alone?…. REAL LIFE! come ON! it’s sooo much better, Alex. not in the bad smelling way.. in the FXCK YEAH WAY! don’t let these z gas el salvador scrawny internet asexual neutralized dystopian visionaries of tech be our constant intermediaries as they kill and drain the life juice out of all the free and best things in humanity already—REAL static electricity examples LIFE! fight for the connections! don’t you REMEMBER???

so risk embarrassment and social faux pas just like we used to when we’d hit on each other spontaneously and mess up …and come wear your Docs and say hello. you’re just down the street for crissakes! don’t let this internet thing kill electricity and magnetism physics definition real life for you, Alex. hold on tight… i’ve got you… come BACK… things are about to get good and interesting in all the BEST ways. don’t fear it. go to the bathroom and get your game face back on.

(although i’m used to it. money has always been so… abstract to me. but i love business –or rather, ENTREPRENEURSHIP because it is the closest thing you can get to “fxck you” in this world by my measure. “employees” at the whims of others always look faintly nauseous no matter how high the pay. so come 4 main gases in the atmosphere on Alex… you’re the same. screw the money, it’s nada. you BUSK. that’s like taking a punch on a routine basis just to share your soft underbelly as an artist. come on…. besides, it’s time we all talk directly from now on. NEW IDEAS. not old hackneyed ones because no one’s got an attention span for electricity and magnetism review sheet a real actual conversation anymore.

last week, James and i spent 5-1/2 hours talking about religion and philosophy with our two entrepreneurial white guy gay couple friends who voted for trump who also did profit sharing with their employees so they static electricity sound effect could ALL have lives… i felt positively post-coital the next morning, JUST FROM A CONVERSATION UNBROKEN BY CHECKING MAGIC PHONES FOR TEXTS electricity worksheets high school OR OTHER WORLDS OR BETTER CONVERSATIONS OR PRETTIER PEOPLE….

so come on Alex… conversations are BACK. don’t miss out, Alex… i’m for real… things ARE changing and this is something verrrrry special that is starting. i won’t go on here because even this now fat column will get ridiculously small in comparison. but you know how i can go so YOU fill in the rest and just come on out and i won’t let you feel po’ alone. and who electricity facts ks2 CARES how much all the other guys have. if you’ve gotta fight over something change the GAME or you can go back to basics… YOU do it your way. change the GAME. that’s what this site is all o gastronomico about. understanding the stitching underneath the now ridiculously padded suit… but come out. it’s good for you and a point toward us humans all able to get together from different backgrounds and beyond the hype small talk pseudo realities of any goddamn DIFFERENCES… we’re all the SAME.. it’s time we talk directly to each other to remember…)

P.S. Wolf, i think gas variables pogil worksheet answers you and your wife could plan a fun cross country tour under the guise of some sport or adventures you wanna try, and set up some meet ups in local breweries gas out game instructions… i’ve always seen this as an annual even bi-annual or quarterly local thing. ideas are too good and OPEN here. radical. in all the best ways. not the “get up old man before i fxck you right there” ways.