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“Mr. grade 9 current electricity test Moore in Augusta repaired shoes, and my dad, Trudell P. ‘Duck’ Fox, and his five brothers worked at the grocery store next to his shop. In the 1920s, the Fox brothers delivered groceries and Mr. Moore’s shoes. Dad learned the shoe repair business from him and repaired shoes in the military before he was shipped overseas. In the 1940s, Uncle Grover Fox started the Fox Shoe Repair business when he purchased several shops in Aiken and Augusta,” Mark Fox said.

“I did little jobs around the store as a child,” Mark continued. “When I graduated from Aiken High School in 1978, I started full-time and worked beside my mother and father. gas in oil mower My dad died in 1997, and my mom, Yvonne, ran the shop until her death in 2003. Several of my cousins and other family members have helped over time. gas problem in babies My wife Brenda Shealy Fox and I own the business.” What They Do

“About 30 years ago, a female customer wanted us to hollow out the bottom of her shoe because she wanted to visit her boyfriend who was incarcerated,” Brenda said. “We weren’t sure what she wanted to sneak in, so we called a friend at the Aiken Department of Public Safety who helped us see that this would not be a good idea.” The Foxes declined this “opportunity.” Brenda Fox at the polishing wheel The State of Shoes

“We used to sell cowboy boots for the ‘weekend cowboys’ who took their dates to the Country and Western concerts in Augusta, but that trade fell off when the number of concerts decreased. We work on more women’s shoes because they not only purchase more shoes than men, but they also damage the heels as they walk through sand or on the sidewalk,” Brenda said.

“It’s a throw-away society because people buy a new pair of shoes instead of getting them fixed,” observed Mark. “But if you spend good money on a pair of shoes, you take care of them and want them repaired. If you buy a $19 pair at Walmart, you’re not going to spend money to fix them. gas in dogs stomach Some people bring in shoes that shouldn’t be fixed in the first place, but sometimes, that’s all they have.”

Repair materials have also changed over time. “Leather is not the same quality as it was, yet the cost has increased. Lots of materials are now lightweight and cushiony because that is what people want. The cost of materials bounces. The price of rubber goes up along with the price of gas but does not come down when gas prices go down,” he said.

“My mom bakes cakes to sell and asked if we’d sell the flavorings,” Brenda said. “We now sell Happy Home flavorings. Mom and I sell our canned jars of vegetables and jams which are popular. gas chamber jokes We also sell bird houses made by a local man and his wife. They send the money to Thailand to help keep the young women from entering the sex trade. They go to Shiloh Baptist Church with us, and we feel that the money goes to a good cause. thitima electricity sound effect We also sell old hardback books on occasion.” Location Location Location

“We have been working with generations of families over the years,” Brenda said. “Some customers remember certain things about when we were on Laurens Street, when they got their shoes shined there. q gastrobar People would always stop by and speak. Our location now does not lend itself to walk-bys or walk-ins, but our parking lot is especially convenient to our older clientele.

The family atmosphere in Fox Shoe Repair creates a positive environment in which Mark and Brenda have raised their son and daughter, and now their two grandchildren. The Foxes’ daughter previously helped with the workload “before she got a ‘real job’,” according to Mark. “Brenda’s mother has helped out, too,” Mark said, and acknowledged that “she’s a good mother-in-law!”

“People move here because they like our town, but as soon as they are settled, they want to change it. One new resident complained because we weren’t open on Saturdays. She said that her shoe repair shop back home opened on Saturday and was closed on Monday. 4 gas giants I helped her understand that perhaps she’d be happier if she returned home,” Brenda said and laughed.