Beautiful 2 story house on smith river- pri… – homeaway v gas station


A gorgeous drive along the South Fork of the Smith River gets you to this luxurious river side house located in an area named ‘Big Flat’ as it is a big flat area high in the mountains where the inland tribes gathered to meet the coastal tribes. Rich in natural history and scenic beauty, this is the type of place one wants to check in, and ‘check out’. Surrounded by the sights and sounds of the river rushing by as well as a multitude of songbirds and miles of majestic wilderness, there is opportunity for swimming, rafting, tubing, hiking, cycling, fishing, kayaking or just laying on the river view deck soaking up the sun in summer or snuggling by the fire in colder months.

The house affords the ability to rough it in great comfort as it has full amenities while being off the grid, we have equipped it with solar power and propane appliances.Due to the solar power system capacity— microwaves,toasters,hairdriers and other resistance appliances will drain the system.

In addition to the river being on the property there are several small lakes with good fishing that can be driven to. Also there are several lakes that are good backpack trips in the higher mountains.We also have a trail head to the Kelsey trail near the house. The Kelsey trail is part of the Pacific Crest trail.For more information see the Six Rivers National Forest map….many things to do…..if you see a bear just make some noise and he will run away……harmless……just don`t leave tasty smelling food out that would attract them……Jim

My husband and I spent our 10yr anniversary at the River Retreat with our two German Shepherds. We traveled up I5 to hwy 199, approximately 1hour & 40min before arriving we lost cell service, I highly recommend printing out the directions from the home owner, had we not done that, we wouldn’t have found the house. The directions are really hard to follow because nothing is marked. The "mobile" home referenced is actually a modular home.

Once we made it to the house, things got a bit easier! Overall, the house was what we expected minus a few downfalls. The refrigerator was not really sufficient, we ended up keeping most our food in the ice chest because the fridge wasn’t cooling quickly. Thank goodness we had plenty of ice!!

We enjoyed listening to the record player (don’t use the CD player, we left behind a CD because it wouldn’t eject), playing games and sitting next to the fire pit in the evenings. Listening to the river, the crickets and star gazing was amazing. Mosquitos were pretty pesky so don’t forget the bug spray (even if you forget, the owners are nice enough to have some on hand). The 1908 Sears catalog was a blast from the past, it was awesome to look through it and see how times have changed. There guest book was fun to read as well. It seems the owners have made improvements based on previous visitors suggestions, that was nice to see!

The trail to the river is pretty steep, make sure to grab a walking stick before heading down. A little narrow and slippery where the fallen leaves have gathered. Once at the river, you must navigate through overgrown bush and river rock. DO NOT FORGET YOUR WATER SHOES!! We made a short trip to Crescent City on our 3rd day to get some. It makes a huge difference. The river is crystal clear and beautiful. Our dogs loved the water. They played fetch all around the front, back and sides of the house as well as in the river nonstop.

The most amazing part of this property is the hidden waterfall. I’m guessing this can only be seen in the late spring, summer and early fall months, otherwise the river is rushing and may be inaccessible. We trekked through the river, over the river rock and behind some bush…there it falls, the most beautiful green lush waterfall! The mere sight of it makes up for all the trivial stuff.

Here, almost from the moment you arrive, you are immersed in the splendor of nature at her most extravagant. Each path leads to a breathtaking world of contrasts – tiny flowers in the shadow of the world’s largest trees, the silent grace of a solitary pelican dippings its wings the pounding surf, morning mists evaporating in the warmth of the sun. Del Norte County is all this and more. Unspoiled and unlike any other place on earth, Del Norte County is an experience in nature, both on her own terms AND in the many ways the natural environment shapes and directs the County’s unique lifestyle.The google map is not accurate in showing where the house is… is on the Smith river and the 12 acre property actually crosses the river…..river sounds all day and nite….one of my most favorite spots on the planet……you will enjoy if you love nature and clean everything…..and remember we have wild friends around the house.From deer to bears that are very afriad of humans….so if you see one just make some noise and they will run away fast…..may look scary but totally harmless……Jim Matthews…owner