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This was our favorite beach of our 10 days on Kauai. We don’t like crowds, prefer off-the-beaten-path places, have 15 17 yr old sons who love the big waves, and like to hike/explore. This one hit all our gas oil ratio units boxes. This is what you picture when you think remote tropical island hidden beach! If you type in the beach’s real name in GPS, it takes you way off base. If you are coming from Lihue, 1/4-1/2 mile after you k electric jobs test pass the Shell station take the RIGHT onto Kalihiwai Road. If you are coming from Princeville, it’s a LEFT on the SECOND Kalihiwai Road (yes, it wraps around and gas cap light intersects Kuhio highway twice). Go completely around the bend (NOT the road ON the bend) and just ahead take the dirt road that goes up a hill on the right. Plenty of parking along the sides of the road. If you get a good spot up front, as you are leaving, tell the next car you see coming in that there’s a spot open down in front (someone did that for us – paying it forward). The entrance to the beach is at the btm, couple boulders mark it. Only takes 5 minutes to hike down but beach is so wide and HUGE electricity questions grade 9, with thick soft sand, takes another 5-15 minutes to get to water and down to wherever you want to be. No crowds, no cell service, BIG waves (broke the boogie electricity history united states boards from Walmart), beautiful cliffs, LONG/WIDE beach so can have your privacy. There are warnings about walking on the volcanic rock and getting hit by rogue waves (deaths). It’s pretty obvious where that q gases componen el aire could happen. We hiked along the rock back away from the ocean, closer to cliffs. If you hike left (when facing the ocean), get to a cool little waterfaill (pic attached) and tide pools. My 15 yr old son did it barefoot (crazy), I had Keens hiking sandals. Note: the electricity load shedding Shell station has a Subway in it. Good idea to grab subs/drinks there and pack picnic lunch.

This beach is a must-see attraction. The positives are endless: 1) Cool 10 minute hidden trail to access the beach 2) Secluded, like seriously, there are never crowds down here, but there are enough people where you don’t feel totally alone. 3) In the summer, you get some good wave days where you can swim in the gorgeous water and have some fun. Just be careful, because q card gas station one day we went it was a lot of fun swimming and dealing with the nice waves, but the second time we went it was too rough for those who aren’t strong swimmers. 4) Amazing views out to the lighthouse and an awesome cliff backdrop where you can see some awesome la gas prices now houses/compounds which are owned by celebrities. 5) Gorgeous soft white sand I could go on and on, but this is must see beach. The only negative in my opinion and it’s what adds to the gas in back symptoms magic of this beach is the second time we went there weren’t many people down there, particularly if you walk down 10-15 minutes and don’t just setup right below the hiking point. We had about 100 yards of beach to ourselves, but on occasion you will see some unsavory characters who I believe live in tents electricity kwh to unit converter on the beach. Nothing against them, but given how secluded and away from everything you are when on this beach, it can make you a little nervous. I would just recommend staying within a few hundred yards of the hiking point where there will electricity 2pm live be enough people that you don’t ever feel totally on your own. Again overall, this is an absolutely wonderful beach, and if you catch it on a day where you can swim, it doesn’t get any better than this.