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I planned my trip to Caprock Canyons for the week after Spring Break…I was gambling on most folks being back home back to work/school. I arrived around 3pm Wednesday (after 405 miles on the road), and was set up ready to go in around an hour. I was told most of the tent campers had vacated due to wind (what did they expect in the Panhandle?), and electricity 101 occupied spaces (filled with trailers) has been spread out to create a bit more openess. I saw one other tent the four days I was there. My space was in the Honey Flats area, and had water electricity. There gas vs electric water heater was also the standard fire ring, and a covered table. There was plenty of smooth, flat space to set up my 9’x9′ tent, and tree between the neighboring spaces gave me some privacy (although it was open facing the road). I found it well worth the price of admission. This are had shower/restroom facilities and a small playground. The Upper Canyon Rim Trail begins here. Caprock Canyons is *not* a large park; three full days was more than enough time to explore the park (and shoot a couple of nearby ghost towns). The warnings about the bison are to be heeded national gas average 2012, too. The one spot in the where wifi is available (the headquarters’ parking lot) *will* be visited by buffalo. A bunch, too. Some are larger than my car, and should be considered a force to be reckoned with. They. Aren’t. Pets. But cool as hell to see. There are trails. Easy trails and hard trails. The electricity symbols Little Red River flows through the park (I was lucky enough to see water), and Lake Theo provides fishing swimming…but be aware the lake is to be shared. With the buffalo. Just sayin’. The nearby (3 miles or so) town of Quitaque (Kitty-kway) is home to the world-famous Caprock Cafe. Thursday, I had chicken for the noon buffet; Friday, it was fish, sausage, chicken fried steak, and brisket; Saturday, I was jonsing for a Whataburger (the nearest being in Lubbock), so I tried their cheeseburger. Shoot, it was worth the 8-hour-drive alone for t gas terengganu this place. Great food, great prices. There’s a convenience store with gas pumps, and small grocery store, and Turkey, Texas (home to Bob Wills) is only ten miles away (you *must* stop by This and That (Most That), on the corner of Hwy 70 and 86). If you require any specialty items electricity symbols ks2 worksheet, better get ’em before you get here. This is desolate country; not every town will have even a gas station. The scenic areas are pretty much restricted to the park, unless you enjoy roaming w-i-d-e o-p-e-n spaces (there is *no* shortage of ratty old houses and barns!) and red dirt (which gets sticky when wet). Caprock Canyons SP isn’t as well known as Palo Duro Canyons, but that isn’t a bad thing. They have what you need (and there are primitive sites if you don’t need *that* much), trails to explore (one with a natural gas monkey live bridge) for every ability, buffalo, birds, and peace quiet.

Took my two teenage sons on a camping trip for part of spring break. Stayed at Little Red Tent camp ground. Nice site, beautiful views, but close to neighbors. Wind blew hard from about 8pm until 10am or so. Went hiking on the Upper Canyon Trail up to Fern Cave and around to the North Prong Primitive Camping area Parking area and back to the South Prong camping area. Extremely Steep Rugged terrain isn’t just a saying. Hiking poles would have been nice. Being out of shape I was reminded of my poor habits about 1/2 way up. The 7 mile loop took about 4 hours without much lingering. We saw lots of small kids and pets too. Trail markers are adequate wb state electricity board bill pay but a bit confusing in places. Take a gallon of water EACH as the signs say. I took 1/2 that and wished I’d had more. Very little shade so go in the morning or late afternoon. State of Texas Bison herd was there and seem to stay at the front of the park. We also rode our bikes to Clarity Tunnel from Monk’s Crossing – 4.7 miles (slight up hill to the gasset y ortega filosofia Tunnel.) Took us 2 hours with 20 minutes at the tunnel. Dust masks might be a good idea if you have alergies etc. Primitive bathroom facilities at both ends of the tunnel.