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Despite the staff being superficially friendly, the whole experience was quite poor. I spent 3 nights for a business trip. First, I received the usual bullsxxt "your room was upgraded to 2 Queens"; well, I still have a hard time understanding how going from 1 King to 2 Queens for a single traveler can be described as an "upgrade". Seems like a downgrade to me… I really didn’t care that much, but please don’t make it sound like you’re doing me a favor. At some point, I went to the reception to ask for a knife and a fork. They told me to go back to my room and that they would be delivered promptly. They did get delivered, one phone call and 25 minutes later. Since there was no microwave in the room, I ate my dinner cold. The shower head condition slowly degraded over my stay. It wouldn’t stay in place at an angle, so on my last day I had to shower basically against the wall. There was no extra blanket in the room. No big deal, since there was this unused other bed I just grabbed the other comforter. Problem was that every single day, the housekeeping staff would just put back the comforter on the second bed. I know I could have said something or left a note, but when the staff sees that a customer constantly uses the second comforter I would expect them to proactively do something about it. The worst part was on my last day. I had something come up last minute and needed to extend my stay for one night. My car was still in the parking lot, and since I didn’t need a fork, knew how to deal with comforters and was willing to bet that another shower head wouldn’t have the same issue, I decided to give it another go. So I came back to the hotel and asked if they still had rooms available. They did. Problem was that the rate had almost tripled, since they would not offer me the corporate rate anymore. I talked to a manager who told me that "unfortunately [they] cannot override the system". I contained a laugh and left. I just went out the door and started looking for another room through my work travel tool. Of course, from the tool I noticed I could have received the corporate rate, but I did not bother. I booked a room at the Hyatt Regency instead, which turned out to be much, much better. I’ll make sure to spread the word so that people from my team (and even from the whole organization if I can) do not stay there anymore. The issues with the room were fairly minor, but I did not like being strung along. I guess the one nice thing though was valet parking at no extra charge.

Our recent visit to Vancouver and the Fairmont Hotel Waterfront was blessed with great weather, venue, views, service and comfort. We’ve stayed here several times before and it doesn’t disappoint. The location is hard to beat, right down across the street from the water, on the edge of a vibrant downtown, walking distance to sights, shopping and dining. The hotel itself is welcoming, friendly and fresh feeling. As you walk though the double doors, you notice the bustling guests and staff, as well as several white BMW bikes that you should take a spin on in this cycle friendly downtown. The lobby is spacious and I especially enjoyed the different fruit/veggie infused waters complimentary to guests (had a Maui feel it). The check in was efficient and our room was well prepared (very fortunate to get a suite with a Stanley Park and water view). The rooms have been nicely refreshed since our last stay and showed clean carpets, contemporary tile, nice furniture and well appointed bathroom (like the unscented wash products). The beds were soft, but comfy enough and the pillows were nice (the Westin is still the best in beds). Wifi was ok, but always seems to be a bit flaky or slow at any of the Fairmonts I stay at. The evening turn down service was a nice touch…almost expected a chocolate and folded towel, as they do on cruise ships. We didn’t stop in at the lounge/restaurant ARC, this time. We had excellent drinks at the nearby Fairmont Pacific Rim’s The Botanist instead…highly recommend doing this. An assortment of restaurants are mere minutes walk nearby. We look forward to future visits to the Waterfront.